Sun Seeker - Sunrise Sunset Times Tracker, Compass

Sun Seeker - Sunrise Sunset Times Tracker, Compass

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Sun Seeker - Sunrise Sunset Times Tracker, CompassSun Seeker - Sunrise Sunset Times Tracker, CompassSun Seeker - Sunrise Sunset Times Tracker, CompassSun Seeker - Sunrise Sunset Times Tracker, CompassSun Seeker - Sunrise Sunset Times Tracker, Compass

Sun Seeker® is a comprehensive sun tracker compass app that allows you to track sunrise sundown times. You can find the solar, verify sun position photo voltaic path. Sunseeker, the solar surveyor app, has a flat compass a 3D AR view to level out solar publicity, equinox, solstice paths, sunrise sunset times, twilight occasions extra.

It can be utilized by-

* Photographers- to plan shoots videos in accordance with the magic hour golden hour. Use sun view function to seek out the solar and sunrise sunset instances. The finest sun publicity sun position for photographs can be checked using Sunseeker - the sun tracker app.

* Architects Surveyors- to view the spatial variability of photo voltaic angle all yr lengthy. Use this sun dial like compass app as a sun tracker solar surveyor to find the daylight exposure, solar path solar path.

* Real Estate Buyers- buy properties utilizing this solar surveyor app to check the daylight exposure to search out the solar.

* Cinematographers- The solar surveyor view reveals the solar direction for every daylight hour. With Sun Seeker you can find the sunrise sundown, solar path solar place for any location.

* Drivers- This sunrise sunset app, allows you to observe the solar path and sun place all through the day. Drivers can use this sun tracker to search out the right parking spot by seeing the daylight exposure and sunrise sundown occasions.

* Campers Picnickers- Finding a fantastic campsite is simple with Sun Seeker’s solar tracker. With this compass and sundown app, you possibly can check the daylight exposure at all times locate the solar place.

* Gardeners- Sunseeker is a comprehensive solar tracker and compass app which helps you find optimum planting places sunlight publicity hours.

Main Features

* Sunseeker compass app is a sun tracker app to search out the solar. It makes use of GPS, magnetometer gyroscope to search out the correct sun place and photo voltaic path for any location.

* Flat compass view shows, the photo voltaic path, solar position, diurnal solar angle elevation (divided into day evening segments), shadow size ratio, atmospheric path thickness.

* 3D AR camera overlay solar view reveals the sun's present position, its path with hour points marked.

* Camera view has a pointer to guide you to search out the solar. With this solar surveyor app, you probably can know the sunrise sundown times sunlight publicity.

* Map view on this dawn sunset app reveals solar course arrows solar path for each hour of the day.

* The sunrise sundown app permits you to choose any date to view sun position path on that day. With this solar locator and sun path app, you can also view sunrise and sunset time for each day.

* Ability to choose any location on earth (includes forty,000 cities or customized places obtainable offline, a detailed on-line map search capability)

* The sunrise sunset solar locator app offers particulars of dawn sundown instances, solar direction, elevation, civil, nautical astronomical twilight instances of the sun.

* Optional device notifications for all sun-related intervals occasions, similar to various twilight periods at a given compass heading or above a given elevation.

* It allows the user to include equinox, solstice paths on each flat compass view digicam view. Sunseeker sun course app exhibits you the daylight publicity, sun course, sunrise and sundown time.

Sun Seeker has been featured in numerous high-profile publications, like the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald and so on. Truly superb, Incredible, Brilliant - probably the most useful software of augmented actuality - ever!

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The compass accuracy depends on having an undistorted magnetic area around your gadget. If you use it near metallic objects or electrical equipment, directional accuracy could also be impaired. The device’s compass accuracy could be optimised by calibrating it prior to use.

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