Beat Workers

Beat Workers

By NaturalPad Games

Beat WorkersBeat WorkersBeat WorkersBeat WorkersBeat Workers

*** TOP 10 of the Indie Games Festival 2021, by Google Play ***

Beat Workers is set in a futuristic world the place a lot of the work is completed by robots. You're put within the footwear of the Great Architect, one of many final employed human being. Your job ? Rebuilding monuments from the Great Country’s past to supply some more distraction to the largely idle Great People.

In order to do that, you want to synchronize builder robots by tapping to the beat of the superior tracks composed specially for the sport.

This task can be a piece of cake if it was not for the Saboteur, a dangerous criminal bent on preventing your Great Work from being done. You have to battle his legions of robot minions with the tip of your fingers, whereas keeping up with the rhythm of increasingly difficult music tracks.

** Key options :


Unlike most games of this style, you should tap and swipe to the tempo with out assist from any visible cues! Your ears and sense of rhythm are your greatest allies!


32 authentic music tracks composed specially for the game in additional than 10 genres!


A campaign mode with 2 levels of problem for a complete of sixty four levels! Will you get all 196 medals ?!


Discover monuments from eleven completely different french cities! Each metropolis has its personal music genre!


The Saboteur will be part of his robot minions to prevent you from attaining your Great Work!

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