Beat Trigger - edm Music Game

Beat Trigger - edm Music Game

By Adaric Music

Beat Trigger - edm Music GameBeat Trigger - edm Music GameBeat Trigger - edm Music GameBeat Trigger - edm Music GameBeat Trigger - edm Music Game

GOOD NEWS!!! The model new music rhythm recreation 2020 - Beat Trigger, designed for EDM music followers, lastly made its debut!

Feel stuck? Get bored? Stressed out? Get a bang out of Beat Trigger!

2020 popular songs gun sounds cat runner = FEEL GOOD!!!

Believe it or not, your physique will groove to the rhythm even if you don’t know it is happening!

Free Easy to play :

Hold and drag to manage the cat runner. Do not tap ;)

Grip your gun, shoot blocks, dodge traps. Bang!!!

Why you CAN’T miss out Beat Trigger:

1.Simple one-finger control, but not easy to get high scores

2.Songs of different genres updated continually

3.Stunning 3D visuals and dazzling neon background

What other music games CAN'T provide you with:

1.Terrific integration of Gun Sounds EDM Music.

2.Thrilling treasure chest. Shoot the chest when the halo is small.

3.Trigger invincible mode. Hop on power-up plane and smash no matter will get in your way!

4.Talented rhythm shooter awaits. Pick your favorite cat position. Meow~

Time to place your techniques and reflexes to the best in Beat Trigger! Everything you want from music games and shooting video games is here!

Any questions or advice to assist us improve? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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