Scales, Chords, Progressions

Scales, Chords, Progressions

By Raul Reyes

Scales, Chords, ProgressionsScales, Chords, ProgressionsScales, Chords, ProgressionsScales, Chords, ProgressionsScales, Chords, Progressions

Pocket Composer is an assistant for music college students, professional composers, and everybody who study music theory.

It has a whole dictionary with all present chords and scales in western music for piano and stringed devices

This now brings full assist for each stringed instrument with a fretboard.

Any tuning could be utilized to an instrument 3 to 10 strings

Search for stringed chords from straightforward to hardest to play with a reference bar

that will allow you to notice what fingering position are easier to play

This is a free app that accommodates also a compact chord progression builder

to allow you to create progressions and songs in each locations the place you can not take the instrument.

Now we've added a new concord device to assist apply dominant and subdominant concord perform over all existing chords

It has a chord wheel that extends circle of fifths performance and permits you harmonizing all scales and even apply concord features such as secondary dominant, secondary leading tones, secondary subdominant, and so forth... so you'll find a way to compose songs and study to play chords and scales.

You can easily find out the name of an scale and the image of a chord by taking part in the instrument and even learn many different completely different chord symbols.

Main features:

. All existing piano and stringed instrument chords in western music, with it is inversion and completely different voicings.

. All present scales in western music and many of it is totally different names.

. Extended chord Wheel and Circle of Fifths.

. Compact chord development builder.

. Tool for making use of harmony functions to any chord.

. List of all obtainable chords in scales grouped by variety of notes

. Many different key notations: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, numerical, and so forth.

. Chord-Scale Theory to learn to apply scales over single chords

. Chord voicings and inversions

. Scales on the staff with many alternative clef.

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