Hammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer

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Hammered DulcimerHammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer is a tremendous Hammered Dulcimer app for Android.

Written by an skilled Hammered Dulcimer participant, this virtual dulcimer sounds and plays like the true thing!

The Hammered Dulcimer is a popular stringed instrument for American people music and traditional Irish music.

The real instrument is played with two small wood hammers which are used to strike the strings. The app works precisely the identical method, besides utilizing your fingers.

Quick response and an enormous sound make this dulcimer app like no other.

Hammered Dulcimer Free emulates a 12/11-style Hammered Dulcimer.

12/11 means there are 12 bridges on the Treble (left) facet of the instrument, eleven bridges on the Bass (right) aspect of the instrument. The left side of the Treble bridge is 5 scale tones above the right (a fifth).

To play, simply touch the strings on either aspect of the left (Treble) bridge or the left aspect of the proper (Bass) bridge identical to the real instrument.

To play a scale, start on any white bridge marker, play 4 notes up the same bridge, then swap to the opposite facet of the bridge at the white marker the place you began and play up 4 more notes. If you start on the Bass bridge, switch to the white marker on the proper aspect of the Treble bridge.

To get repeated note drag roll effects as are carried out on the reed instrument, drag shortly horizontally throughout the strings. The sensitivity of the drag effect could additionally be set within the management panel.

Touch the ? on the higher left corner to show the observe names for the strings.

Touch the i to bring up the settings display screen the place you can enable or disable the drag roll function and set the roll sensitivity for how far you want to drag to get the roll impact.

On this display screen you'll be able to change between Stereo (default) and Mono sound.

Set the switch to Stereo for the very best quality experience or for use with headphones or an external amplifier.

Set the swap to Mono if the audio hardware in your telephone or pill only plays sound to the speaker from both the best or left channel. Some low-end tablets have this limitation.

Touch the button beneath the ? to toggle between Standard and Michigan (octave) tuning.

Hammered Dulcimer Free is ad-supported.

Looking for a model without ads? Please take a glance at our Trapezoid - Hammered Dulcimer app!

Touch the Shhh button on the upper proper corner to quiet all the strings.

Because of the big variety of strings that can be performed, the app works greatest on the bigger display Android phones and pill.

Samples of Wes Chappell's unbelievable Hammered Dulcimer provided by Jesse Chappell at ThumbJam.com. The instrument was built by James Jones, from Bedford, VA.

Hammered Dulcimers are discovered in many varieties worldwide including the Cimbalom in Eastern Europe, the Santur (Santoor) in Iran, Iraq, and India, and the Yangqin in China.

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