MetroPCS CallerTunes

MetroPCS CallerTunes

By Metro by T-Mobile

MetroPCS CallerTunesMetroPCS CallerTunesMetroPCS CallerTunesMetroPCS CallerTunesMetroPCS CallerTunes

MetroPCS Description:

Give your callers greater than only a ring!

Manage your MetroPCS CallerTunes® ringback service. Play music and status messages to your callers while they wait so that you can answer the phone. Choose from thousands of your favourite songs to play on your callers or create custom status messages.

*NEW! CallerTunes® Studio

Use your voice to record personalized greetings or get artistic with our text-to-speech know-how (English Spanish)

New text-to-speech avatars and improved design

Assign your custom greetings and status messages to individual callers or groups

CallerTunes Powered by LISTEN subscription contains:

Music: Play music or status messages from our sturdy catalog of your favorite artists and genres.

Record Your Status: Create your personal 30 second voice standing message to play to particular callers

Personalization: Enable particular songs to play on holidays or special occasions---like Mom's birthday.

Location: Automatically set a standing message to play to callers based in your geographic location

Drive: Automatically detect when you are driving and play a message back to callers permitting you to securely talk to associates household if you finish up behind the wheel.

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Start enjoying CallerTunes and customized messages to your callers today whenever you obtain the app!

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