Midi Commander

Midi Commander

By Borderò

Midi CommanderMidi CommanderMidi CommanderMidi Commander

Midi Commander lets you ship MIDI message via a usb-connected MIDI interface.

Define the MIDI messages (control change, program change) related to each button, and use them to vary patches and management a midi keyboard or comparable midi gear.

After setting the EDIT change to ON, use lengthy click on a button to alter its values and the transmitted values. Other features can be accessed through menu'.

The newest version of Midi Commander (in .apk format) is also available right here (in case you expertise server problems in downloading it from the Play Store):


For further help, you can even access the app internet web page:



IMPORTANT NOTE: the Android system MUST BE CAPABLE of acting as USB-HOST. So, please, do not fee the app with a low rating if the related midi device is not recognized: it may be that your android device doesn't work in USB-HOST mode.

Also, the MIDI system should be class-compliant (that is, no driver must be required to make use of its USB-MIDI functionality).

Here is an inventory of compatible (and tested) devices:


Finally, contact us for problems and bugs!!


Known points:

- If the related MIDI gadget is accurately recognized (its name is appropriately displayed on top of the window of Midi Commander), but the midi commands are not executed by the Midi device, attempt with a different ID cable number in the Global Settings (so far, we experienced this solely with a Korg Microkorg XL keyboard). We plan to have the right ID cable mechanically set.

- We experienced points with Clavia Nord Keyboards: generally the midi commands usually are not executed by the keyboard.

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