Monash University FODMAP diet

Monash University FODMAP diet

By Monash University Low FODMAP diet team

Monash University FODMAP dietMonash University FODMAP dietMonash University FODMAP dietMonash University FODMAP dietMonash University FODMAP diet

Researchers at Monash University have developed a diet and corresponding app to help in management of the gastrointestinal symptoms related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The Monash University Low FODMAP food regimen works by limiting meals high in some carbohydrates called FODMAPs.

The app comes directly from the research group at Monashand consists of the next:

- General details about the FODMAP food regimen and IBS.

- Easy to know tutorials to guide you through the app and the 3-Step FODMAP diet.

- A Food Guide detailing the FODMAP content for tons of of meals using asimple 'traffic mild system'.

- A list of branded products which were licensed by Monash as low FODMAP.

- A assortment of over 70 nutritious, low FODMAP recipes.

- Functions that allow you to create your own purchasing listing and add notes to particular person foods

- A Diary that enables you to document meals eaten,IBS symptoms, bowel habits and stress levels. The Diary may also information you through step 2 of the food plan - FODMAP reintroduction.

- The capability to regulate units of measurement (metric or imperial) and activate color blindness assistance.

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