Moodfit: Mental Health Fitness

Moodfit: Mental Health Fitness

By Roble Ridge Software LLC

Moodfit: Mental Health FitnessMoodfit: Mental Health FitnessMoodfit: Mental Health FitnessMoodfit: Mental Health FitnessMoodfit: Mental Health Fitness

** Best Overall Mental Health App of 2020 2021 ** - Verywell Mind

I actually like this app, I downloaded and deleted about 10 earlier than I obtained to Moodfit and it had every thing I was in search of gratitude, personalised reminders for every day, tools to help in every scenario. It's fab!”

- Lauren Hewitt

Everyone can benefit from improving and maintaining the health of their psychological well being. If you are struggling, Moodfit might help you move you towards thriving. If you are thriving, Moodfit may help you construct the resilience to keep you there within the face of life's adversities.

Moodfit offers essentially the most complete set of tools for good psychological health, and helps you perceive what brings your mood up and down.


- To work on a set of personalized every day objectives that are your every day mental health workout that embrace self-care and good practices.

- To reinforce positive messages and create new habits that enhance your mood.

- As a mood journal to convey awareness to and analyze your temper.

- As a gratitude journal that can change your mind to see extra of the constructive in life.

- To course of distorted pondering that's causing emotional discomfort utilizing CBT techniques.

- To do structured respiratory workouts to quickly enhance a sense of calm.

- To learn and follow mindfulness meditation that has been proven to reduce stress.

- To perceive the relationship between your temper and lifestyle components like sleep, train and nutrition.

- To observe your mood-related drugs and better understand what is working.

- To monitor any custom variables you need to perceive the method it impacts your mood, e.g. your hydration, caffeine consumption or interactions with a good friend. You can actually track and analyze anything.


- A secure and detailed document of all of your mood-related actions. You can use a passcode to protect your account.

- Charts that show the relationship between your mood and different variables.

- CBT thought document tool to alter adverse pondering.

- Tools that can assist you build a gratitude or mindfulness meditation follow.

- Breathing workouts to provide instant aid in annoying conditions.

- Grounding tool to bring consideration away from anxiety-producing ideas.

- Mental health assessments like PHQ-9 and GAD-7.

- Custom reminders to create new pondering primarily based on constructive messages.

- Articles, tips and motivation to help maintain you on track.


- We believe that literally everyone can profit from engaged on their psychological health.

- We imagine that good psychological health is not simply the shortage of a medical mental illness. We wish to assist you to absolutely thrive.

- We believe there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to good psychological health and that trying totally different instruments and tracking their outcomes is crucial to grasp what works for greatest for you.


Come and be part of the conversation all about good mental well being.

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