By Klimaszewski Szymon


Diabetes tracks and analyzes key diabetes knowledge like glucose level, description, tags, which you'll edit, view on interactive graphs or send them directly to your doctor! The simplest diabetes buddy for diabetics!

Key options:

 Outstanding and easy to make use of User Interface

 Tracking information:

o Innovative TAGS characteristic for describing any kind of an action

o Date and Time

o Blood glucose stage - (mg/dl) or (mmo/l)

o Comment / description

 Support for lots of users

 Innovative, interactive and scalable graph

 Send your data to your physician of anyone you need in 5 seconds!

 Export information to:



Define with TAGS any action you like, for instance: before/after breakfast, lunch, dinner, medication, workouts, jogging or some other things that issues in glucose stage. Countless potentialities in your hand! Glucose level monitoring application has by no means been so helpful for diabetics.

Just download for FREE and take management of your diabetes with the best glucose tracker in a market!

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