ECG Pro - Real World ECG / EKG Cases

ECG Pro - Real World ECG / EKG Cases

By WMS, Inc

ECG Pro - Real World ECG / EKG CasesECG Pro - Real World ECG / EKG CasesECG Pro - Real World ECG / EKG CasesECG Pro - Real World ECG / EKG CasesECG Pro - Real World ECG / EKG Cases

Over 1M users are using ECG Pro to be taught and sharpen electrocardiography information and skills! They are medical students and academics, main healthcare providers, physicians, practitioners, and nurses. Join them today to get your ECG data refresh.

ECG Pro offers a wealthy assortment of actual 12-lead ECG circumstances you ought to use to develop your electrocardiography information and interpretation expertise. Each case is recognized with a short description. Select a case and you can select either Play mode, which exhibits you the ECG telemetry as you'd see it on a monitor in actual time, with beeps for heartbeats, or Read mode, which provides you the printed ECG tracing to interpret. You can choose cases by class or search for them by title. You also can bookmark circumstances and return to them later.

For students and practitioners who wish to strengthen their ECG-reading capabilities, ECG gives you an effective method to immerse yourself in a variety of ECG patterns and interact with them as if these had been your individual patients.

App Contents -

1) 2000 irregular actual world 12 lead ECG instances in raw knowledge (In-App-Purchase wanted for superior ones)

2) Each case has skilled interpretation and measurement

3) They cover 50 common ECG findings

Features -

1) Browse ECG cases by findings like Atrial Flutter, Escape Rhythm and more

2) Search for no matter you wish to be taught, like Flat T wave

3) Dynamically play every case in monitoring mode (with beeping sound)

4) Display leads in 12 x 1, 6 x 2, 4 x 3 layout

5) Each case has 12 template views with P / QRS / T waves identified

Note -

1) All cases are stored in raw information (sample price is 500 points per second), not static pictures, so you'll be able to look into very detailed waves in pixels

2) You ought to already have basic data of ECG interpretation, and you employ the cases to construct a stable cardiology foundation

Copyright Statement -

We ( collected and processed these 2000 ECG case information over 2 years since 2012, with thousands of hours of hard work behind. All of the info are original and real from cooperated clinics. They are copyright protected by DMCA for ECG Pro inner usage only. Please request permission from ecgcas[email protected] earlier than you utilize them in any other case. Thanks.

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