Blood Pressure Diary

Blood Pressure Diary

By Health & Fitness AI Lab

Blood Pressure DiaryBlood Pressure DiaryBlood Pressure DiaryBlood Pressure DiaryBlood Pressure Diary

Note that this app DOES NOT measure the blood stress. Please use FDA-approved blood stress monitor (i.e., BP monitor) to measure BP reliably

Control hypertension (i.e., Hypertension) with our app!

Simple and Easy to make use of blood stress app

1. You can easily log and observe systolic, diastolic and pulse by just swiping your finger

2. You can simply add your tags (e.g., irregular heartbeat, cuff location like left/right arms, seated/reclined)

3. You can simply search your data (e.g., by date, tags, and bloodpressure zones)

Fully integrate with blood stress zones

1. Automatically calculate bloodpressure zone

2. Support all blood stress zones (i.e., Stage 1 and a pair of Hypertension, Prehypertension, Normal, Hypotension)

3. Helpful to watch and management your blood pressure and health

4. Easy-to-use for BP monitoring and monitoring app


1. No restrictive characteristic (e.g., limitless csv export)

Beautiful materials UIs

1. Statistics with graphs and charts (e.g., common, minimal, maximum)

2. Interactive UI for blood strain zones

3. Simple, however very efficient UI

Support auto backup ( Android 6.0) and free csv export

1. Send your bloodpressure data to your doctor or doctor

2. Also document heartrate and heartbeat

* Blood strain (BP) monitoring/tracking and heart rate are very important for well being. You can start managing your bloodpressure and heartrate now through the use of our blood stress app, particularly excessive bloodpressure or low blood stress sufferers.

* According to American Heart Association (AHA), normal vary of blood pressure are Systolic ninety one ~ a hundred and twenty mmHg and Diastolic sixty one ~ eighty mmHg. Please take pleasure in our blood strain (BP) log and tracker app.

* We'd appreciate your useful feedback. Please, report bugs or request options to [email protected]

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