Don't Panic: Help for Panic Attacks

Don't Panic: Help for Panic Attacks

By Body & Mind Meditation

Don't Panic: Help for Panic AttacksDon't Panic: Help for Panic AttacksDon't Panic: Help for Panic AttacksDon't Panic: Help for Panic AttacksDon't Panic: Help for Panic Attacks

The Don't Panic app offers you, amongst different issues, fast and uncomplicated acute help during an nervousness assault or panic attack within the type of specifically developed and spoken audio and text information.

Follow varied types of assist and be taught together with your worry and deal with panic. Short and concise directions will allow you to deal with an anxiousness attack or panic assault and thus stop unnecessary mental and bodily stress.

All you want is your smartphone and, if needed, a pair of headphones.

It is uncommon that this app accompanies you on the premise of confrontation training in your private worry and panic and uses behavioral remedy to get you out of the anxiety or panic assault.

The impact of a confrontation with Fear and panic has been scientifically confirmed many times and results in a significant improvement or a complete discount in signs in about 80% of these affected by concern and panic with specific and non-specific fears or a panic disorder or anxiety dysfunction and in people with phobias.

Here you do not avoid scary situations and bodily sensations, however face them consciously and allow fear and panic.

The goal is to prevent any distraction and any avoidance and security habits and to expertise it mentally and physically so that what's feared doesn't happen. The worry of fear is decreased and trust in your own body comes back.

In addition to the confrontation coaching, you will also discover a massive number of individually designed audio information for stress discount and relaxation in the form of guided meditations, mindfulness exercises and nature sounds, as properly as helpful info as regards to worry and panic, the explanations for it and what you can do about it as a person affected and their family members.

Confrontation training, meditation mindfulness - your companion on the way out of fear and panic.

No Panic offers you:


☆ free and ad-free

☆ panic diary

☆ extensive scientific data on the topic of anxiety and panic disorders

☆ the 4-2 -8 Breathing technique

☆ Podcast The essence of panic

☆ Help for optimum behavior throughout a panic attack/anxiety attack

☆ Self-test for panic disorder

☆ Information for family members of these affected


★ chargeable and free of advertising

★ Together out of panic - audio file for getting via throughout a panic attack

★ Panic assist - audio file for self-help throughout a panic attack

★ Panic help short - audio file with brief, concise directions for self-help during of a panic attack

★ guided meditation respiratory meditation

★ guided meditation 7-point Meditation

★ Meditation with out instructions Singing bowl meditation

★ Audio file with forest sounds for relaxation

★ Audio file with sea sounds for relaxation

★ Audio file with rain sounds for relaxation

★ After the primary use, the audio information run completely OFFLINE

★ Selected audio files with a choice of male or feminine voice

★ Freely adjustable, relaxing background music

★ Regular podcasts as regards to anxiety and panic


★ Activate once and always use all audio information, including ALL future audio files


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Prevent stress, burnout and despair and forestall A anxiety and panic by way of a wholesome way of life. Take care of your body and thoughts, treat your self to trip more usually, train frequently in nature and follow being calm and serene.

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