Brain Therapy - Neurosync

Brain Therapy - Neurosync

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Brain Therapy - NeurosyncBrain Therapy - Neurosync

The psychological health supplied by the Dr. Lefebure Methods neurosynchronizer lets you get hold of an optimum psychological state in accordance with your needs:










60 years of dissemination and a number of worldwide awards endorse Dr. Lefebure's neurosynchronization.

Discovered by Doctor Lefebure, neurosynchronization consists of listening alternately through the proper ear after which via the left ear, with a regular rhythm, a sound or a quantity of associates, thus making a rhythm in thought.

The rhythms of neurosynchronization enhance the synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres, then there is a rest of the mind, greater optimism, an enrichment of thought, an improvement of character, creativity and sense inventive, and even a aid from certain problems.

Thus, when the two hemispheres of the mind work in sync, it is attainable to entry extremely productive and coherent states.

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