World Topo Map

World Topo Map

By Mason Blackwood

World Topo MapWorld Topo MapWorld Topo MapWorld Topo MapWorld Topo Map

Topographic map of the world with no limitations:

• View and cache topographic tiles and satellite tv for pc imagery

• Download all topographic tiles in a visible region (for offline availability)

• Add unlimited map markers

• Import GPX / KML / FIT waypoints, tracks and routes

• Record routes (export and share)

• View monitor / route elevation profile (with interactive graph)

• Measure distance (in a straight line) between a number of factors and markers

• Search for places of interest (supports decimal coordinates)

• Battery acutely aware (for these that may't recharge every day)

• Space acutely aware (for those that don't have gigabytes to spare; exterior SD card support)

• Stay up-to-date with the latest imagery (delete / refresh the tile cache, no dependency on utility updates)

• Navigate with Google Maps interactions (pinch zoom, scroll, rotate, drop marker, drag marker etc)

• Fully useful for free!

World Topo Map is intended for outdoor enthusiasts who want to mark areas visited, create markers to visit, comply with imported tracks or create their very own. It's designed to be light-weight, intuitive, responsive, battery conscious and completely free. Perfect for casual day journeys to serious bush excursions.

Developed by an adventurous individual for adventurous people!

Topographic Map Tiles

OpenTopoMap is a free, topographic map generated from the info in the OpenStreetMap and SRTM elevation knowledge.

This service provides glorious topographic coverage of a lot of the globe, however there could also be areas and zoom ranges with no topographic information.

OpenTopoMaps is licensed under

Kartendaten: © OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: © OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA)


World Topo Map makes use of Google Analytics to anonymously ship software metrics to measure stability of the app. No private information is shipped, used or disclosed.

For additional information about Google Analytics, see For details of the Google Analytics Privacy Policy see

You can choose out of Google Analytics anytime underneath the Settings menu.

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