Digital Tasbeeh Counter - Tasbih and Zikr Counter

Digital Tasbeeh Counter - Tasbih and Zikr Counter

By Crecode IT Professionals

Digital Tasbeeh Counter - Tasbih and Zikr CounterDigital Tasbeeh Counter - Tasbih and Zikr CounterDigital Tasbeeh Counter - Tasbih and Zikr CounterDigital Tasbeeh Counter - Tasbih and Zikr CounterDigital Tasbeeh Counter - Tasbih and Zikr Counter

أَلَا بِذِكْرِ ٱللَّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ ٱلْقُلُوبُ

Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.

Al-Quran Surah Ar-Rad, (13),(28)

Digital Tasbeeh counter 2021 is simple to use and probably the greatest tasbeeh purposes. This digital tasbih counter app is perfect for Muslims to count their dhikrs and tasbeehs anytime and wherever. No matter where you are, you don’t want to worry about your tasbeeh with this counting utility. You can even use this counting app for day by day counting like a tally counter.

In this digital tasbeeh counter 2021application, you possibly can create your tasbeeh in just two straightforward steps; by coming into the tasbih/zikr title and number of counts. If the appliance is closed by mistake otherwise you go away the tasbeeh in the center, this counter app permits you to proceed from the place you left as a outcome of it saves your historical past. Therefore, you don’t need to remember the variety of occasions you read dhikr/tasbih.

You will not miss the real tasbeeh by using this elegantly and simply designed digital tasbih counter. You can tap on-screen after one count. It can even auto depend your tasbeeh by setting time of your selection. You can even change your theme from mild to dark mode with this counter app. The counter app comes up with a lot of different options. This digital tasbih counter is ideal to use as an alternative to the true tasbeeh.

It has some pre-added Azkar and in style tasbeehs that Muslims commonly do after prayer. You can start any dhikr and tasbeeh in just one click and obtain an alert message when tasbeeh/zikr is completed to ask if you need to start once more. This digital tasbeeh counter 2021 app also lets you reset your counting by the round arrow button to start over once more.

Tasbih app is on the market in two modes; sound mode and vibration mode. You do not have to focus on the display while doing tasbeeh or dhikr as a result of it vibrates or makes a sound every time you tap on tasbeeh. Therefore, this digital tasbeeh counter 2021 app may be very useful during travel. Thanks to its alerts that remind you without looking on the display screen.

This digital tasbeeh counter 2021 utility is totally simple and simple to use. You don’t need an internet connection to run this app. It offers you the option of making your profile by adding a name and picture in the profile part of the counter app. You can even see your achievements and rankings on every day basis.

The popular digital tasbih counter app additionally saves your history. With this counter app, you don’t need to worry in regards to the variety of instances you learn your tasbeeh or dhikr because this counting app saves the report of your tasbeeh and azkar that you simply do every day. It keeps monitor of your tasbih with date, counting, and name of zikr.

*Important features*:

-- Calculate Zikr:

Easily count your azkar with the dhikr counter.

-- Create Tasbeeh:

Create your tasbih in simply two simple steps.

-- Popular Tasbeeh:

Do some pre-added popular tasbeehs and zikrs.

-- History:

Don’t worry about remembering the tasbeehs you most likely did beforehand.

-- Daily Achievements:

See your achievements and rankings on day by day foundation.

--Create Profile:

Create your profile by adding your title and picture.

--Auto depend:

Auto rely your tasbeeh after setting time.

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