Daily Diary:Journal with Lock

Daily Diary:Journal with Lock


Daily Diary:Journal with LockDaily Diary:Journal with LockDaily Diary:Journal with Lock

Daily Diary is a locked diary APP, you can use it to document your every day life, work, and some private issues. First of all it's completely free and very protected. You haven't got to worry about others snooping on your privacy.

Why select Daily Diary?

Daily Diary has plenty of themes, different themes, totally different moods;

Daily Diary has a very highly effective diary modifying operate, which helps enter of text, voice, photos, videos, stickers, labels, and so forth.; you can even regulate totally different text formats; every diary can record the situation, climate, and the mood of the day;

Daily Diary supports locking, you ought to use the nine-square sample to unlock or digital password lock, and help to make use of safety inquiries to retrieve the password;

Daily Diary counts the variety of days you have written a diary, and rewards you with roses, so let’s work exhausting to document your life for roses;

Daily Diary has two diary display views, you possibly can select according to your usage habits;

Daily Diary supports viewing the diary based on the calendar to see which day you did not write a diary;

Daily Diary has a robust search operate, supports searching by key phrases, and in addition helps filtering diaries by sort, similar to: diary with footage, diary with video, diary with audio, diary of a sure climate, diary of a certain type A diary of a location, a diary of a sure weather, a diary of a certain mood, and so forth.

Daily Diary is value a attempt.