Hourly Reminder Alarm Pro - 50m 10m Talking Clock

Hourly Reminder Alarm Pro - 50m 10m Talking Clock

By Comostudio

Hourly Reminder Alarm Pro - 50m 10m Talking ClockHourly Reminder Alarm Pro - 50m 10m Talking ClockHourly Reminder Alarm Pro - 50m 10m Talking ClockHourly Reminder Alarm Pro - 50m 10m Talking ClockHourly Reminder Alarm Pro - 50m 10m Talking Clock

It's really easy to use!

Just power on(right of top) the app then will speak/talk the time with text from 8am to 10 pm everyday automatically.

(Don't worry! Nothing to set except clicking Power On('Activated Speak hours(time)').)

■ Math issues to enhance brain and prevent dementia

-Solve various math issues games with 5 ranges of issue every hour.

-Improve your memory and concentration!

Listen your own textual content with voice every hour on hours.

Simple and Lite Alarm.

■ 2 totally different Free O’clock setting

- (0 to 59 minutes)

- Work 50 min and Rest 10 min

- Completely unbiased setup

- Hourly-1(0m) : Cuckoo and Voice

- Hourly-2(50m): Frog and Vibration

- Hourly-2(50m): Listen a song

- Hourly-2(50m): Speak in Spanish(another language)

- Independent use day

- Independent use time

- Independent quantity, music..

- Independent talking settings

- Follow Hourly-1 settings

- Various vibration patterns

On time notification

Your personal notification combination

- Ring the bell / Speak current time and label / Vibration / Turn on screen

hourly reminder schedule chime clock alarm!

■ Battery saving optimization(When reminders do not work well)

Go on the Device's Settings.

Apps Speaking Alarm Clock Battery Optimise battery utilization Click App not optimised Click All

Speaking Alarm Clock - Switch off

** this app never acquire any consumer information !!

** picture/media/file permission; as a end result of use data base desk for this app.

** gadget id and name data; because this app can control quantity or vibration throughout in-call.

** internet/network; only for advertisement

** Loading time may vary relying on the manufacturer or the gadgets.(tts engine: textual content to speech)

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