Dive Planner PRO

Dive Planner PRO

By David Nachmani

Dive Planner PRODive Planner PRODive Planner PRODive Planner PRODive Planner PRO

Dive planner for leisure diving (plus some extras for technical divers).

Main Features:

✓ Metric Imperial items.

✓ Choose between PADI or SSI Air dive tables for calculations.

✓ Digital dive tables.

✓ Dive parameters - Enter dive depth, underwater time, surface interval time, Altitude and breathing gasoline combine (for Nitrox combine, EAD is calculated. for Altitude TOD is calculated) and then utilized to Air tables. (EANx21 - EANx40) - EANx40 is max utilized in leisure diving.

✓ Calculates end pressure group, stress group after interval time, partial pressures (ppO2,ppN2), CNS and OTU.

✓ Min. floor interval calculator.

✓ Share dive plans by with a good friend.

✓ Save your dive plans for future use.

✓ Nitrox/Trimix gasoline composition calculator (depending on depth, ppO2 ppN2).

✓ NDL (No Decompression Limit) calculator - calculated utilizing the Buehlmann ZH-L16B algorithm with none added safety precautions which are often added in dive tables.

✓ MOD (Maximum Operating Depth) calculator.

✓ TOD (Theoretical Ocean Depth) calculator - used for diving at altitudes above sea level.

✓ EAD (Equivalent Air Depth) calculator - used when diving with Nitrox.

✓ END (Equivalent narcotic depth) calculator - used by technical divers.

✓ Gas blender calculator - Computes the required pressures required to blend Nitrox/Trimix (tank composition) for SCUBA diving purposes.

✓ Belt weight calculator.

PRO Features ONLY:

✓ No Ads.

✓ Backup/restore your saved plans with your Google Drive account.

✓ Surface air consumption air for dive calculators.

✓ Equipment checklist (many objects are already in the record, you'll be able to add/remove whichever item you want).

✓ Change theme shade of app.

Check out the free version at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.davidnac.diveplannerhl=en

Note: The app has been tested a number of times, however there may still be bugs within the software program, by no means rely solely this app in your dive planning! and when you discover a bug, or have some other suggestions, PLEASE let me know, so i can fix it.

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