Peace of Mind: Caregiver

Peace of Mind: Caregiver


Peace of Mind: CaregiverPeace of Mind: CaregiverPeace of Mind: Caregiver

The Peace of Mind system is two Android apps: Patient and Caregiver. Caregivers - begin here! Download our cell application and leverage the total energy of your affected person's phone to get real-time updates and visualizations of their health, wellness, and safety.

With our platform's innovative activity and behavior recognition algorithms, you will not miss a beat. After you obtain our Caregiver app, encourage your beloved to obtain the Patient app available here: Then, get paired and you're on your way!

You'll be updated on:

• Location and site change

• Fall detection

• Fitness and exercise monitoring

• Stress ranges throughout the day

• Extended periods of inactivity

• Awake at night time and poor sleep

• Weather situations and excessive weather

• Low battery

Peace of Mind values your privateness: your information is not going to be shared with anybody, and will be fully encrypted and anonymized.

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The Peace of Mind system is 2 Android apps: Patient and Caregiver. Patients- start here! Download our cellular utility and leverage the full energy of your telephone to provide your caregiver real-time updates and visualizations of your health, wellness, and safety. With our platform's ...


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