Workout timer : Crossfit WODs TABATA

Workout timer : Crossfit WODs TABATA

By Studio Bridoux AB

Workout timer : Crossfit WODs TABATAWorkout timer : Crossfit WODs TABATA

This app is the right timer on your workouts. It presents a clear visibility on the clock from far away in addition to a easy and delightful design.

It is particularly oriented in course of crossfit and its sort of training (wods) with weights, kettlebells and bodyweight workout routines. However you needn't do crossfit to make use of this timer, it is also good for different forms of training corresponding to running intervals, calisthenics (plank and other static holds) any sort of stretching and even common gym classes the place you should time your resting periods.

There are 5 different modes of timers:

- FOR TIME: As quick as possible for time

This is a stopwatch that goes up until you cease it (the exercise is done) or you reach the time cap or the required number of rounds.

- ⏳ AMRAP : As Many Reps As Possible

This is a timer that counts down till the time is expired. You set the time during which you wish to exercise and it counts down until it reaches zero.

- EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute

This timer will depend down each interval you set for the number of rounds you present. The interval can be changed, it can be an EMOM or E3MOM for example.

- ⏰ TABATA - High Intensity Intervals coaching (HIIT) - Circuit training:

This mode will alternate between work time and rest time for the desired variety of rounds. You can configure the work and relaxation intervals and the entire number of rounds. It is good for cardio exercises such as x mins ON and x sec off.

- CUSTOM: Creates your individual customized timer sequences

This mode permits you to create your own sequence of exercise time and train time. It's useful if the EMOM or TABATA ones aren't versatile enough. Perfect for conditioning or cardio wods!

You can also add your own custom identify such as Running or warmup in these sequences, the stopwatch will show the next interval identify.

You can pause the clock at any time and resume the workout you were doing if you should take a water break or possibly adjusting the weights.

This app additionally works in background and lets you get notified of latest intervals or simply hold observe of the time with a notification when your cellphone is locked.

Workout timer also provides:

- A countdown before any clocks begins so you could have time to set up your exercise and bounce on that rower or bike!

- Round counter for the FOR TIME and AMRAP modes so you can hold monitor of what number of rounds you've done thus far (no want for poker chips anymore) and the break up occasions for every spherical.

- You get notified 3 seconds upfront when the model new spherical is about to start out (in EMOM, TABATA and CUSTOM) so you will get prepared for it. When a brand new interval is coming, the clock will change shade so you'll have the ability to see it from far-off.

- Huge digits in landscape mode so you possibly can see it from distant whereas lifting weights.

This interval timer is fitted to any type of sports and is particularly related for high-intensity interval training like crossfit wods, you can get notified very easily whereas figuring out (when the workout starts, when a brand new interval is about to begin, when the workout ends) with:

- A clock sound (pretty very similar to an actual crossfit clock )

- A phone vibration - helpful when doing operating intervals and holding your phone for example

- A flashlight blink sign every spherical (android 6.0 ) - helpful when your telephone is way away and you may't put the sound on for example

Happy coaching and good wods with your new wod timer!

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