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Star Magic Healing’s ‘Infinity’ is the world’s #1 Healing and Meditation app. Lower stress, sleep higher, less anxiety, a healthy body and meet your soul tribe. These benefits are simply the tip of the iceberg. This is the place real transformation begins. Experience an activated immune system, a wholesome physique and a limitless flow of abundance. If you need to ‘Feel Awesome’ every single day, this is where it’s at. Join thousands of gorgeous souls healing and transforming their lives with our Guided Meditations, Yoga Routines, Cosmic Journeys, Relaxing Music, High Vibrational Recipes and Light Language Transmissions.

Whether you need to develop your confidence, awaken your creativity, heal broken relationships, childhood trauma, cut back anxiousness or despair, activate your natural self-healing powers, heal childhood wounds and previous lives, heal damaged relationships, enhance your shallowness or ignite that divine spark and tap your full human potential, Infinity has you covered. This where everybody comes to boost their vibration.

Infinity Guided Meditations aren't your strange Meditation. Unlike every other Meditation app, Infinity Guided Meditations are infused with the Star Magic Healing frequencies, making certain that each meditation is therapeutic you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Infinity is the proper mindfulness app for novices, but additionally includes consciousness expanding tools for intermediate and superior customers. Guided meditation classes are available in the following categories:

Short Meditations: 10-15 minutes




3rdEye DNA Activation

Cosmic Journeys


Silence: Music Only

Upgrades Downloads

Within these classes you will find meditations for:

- Sleeping Easy

- Healing Childhood Trauma

- Opening Your Heart

- Living within the Present Moment

- Healing Broken Relationships

- Discovering Your Life Purpose

- Calming Anxiety

- Building Confidence

- Awakening Creativity

- Activating Your Pineal Gland

- Breaking Habits

- Healing Your Body

- Connecting with Angels

- Happiness

- Forgiveness

- Cellular Regeneration

- Mindfulness

- Travelling the Universe

- Self-Esteem

- Confident Body Image

- And a lot more…

AppFeatures also embody:

Easy navigation for quick play

Playlist - automation swap on and off

Vault to hearken to your favorite meditations offline.

Infinity Challenges

Blog posts and videos

Account settings at your fingertips

Also Featuring:

- Infinity members get 10% low cost on all Star Magic Workshops and 10% of all Shop purchases.

- Powerful audios, to blast through limitations

- Yoga - Mind and Body Union, powered with Star Magic

- High Vibration Nutrition (HVN) – Mouth-watering high vibration recipes

- Distance Healing – Heal Relationships, Health Abundance

- Light language Transmissions - Renew each cell of your physique connect to Source

Connect along with your Tribe. Access to our non-public group. Be impressed and share information with like-minded and like-hearted, supportive souls with an open heart.

Book a free name with a Star Buddy to indicate you across the inside and get your began.

Cosmic Journey’s Include:

* Float down the river of bliss as you dissolve lifetimes of trauma.

* Float on the clouds of compassion as you join with life changinghealing frequencies

* Experience the deepest and rawest vibrations of unconditional love, as you fly through the sky on a golden eagle.

* Trips to different stars and planets to bath in the healing chambers and activate your soul.

* And many more transformational journeys...

* The Ultimate Consciousness Power Kit**

** Feel Awesome Everyday **

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