Sobriety Counter - Stop Drinking (EasyQuit)

Sobriety Counter - Stop Drinking (EasyQuit)

By Mario Herzberg (Hanna)

Sobriety Counter - Stop Drinking (EasyQuit)Sobriety Counter - Stop Drinking (EasyQuit)Sobriety Counter - Stop Drinking (EasyQuit)Sobriety Counter - Stop Drinking (EasyQuit)Sobriety Counter - Stop Drinking (EasyQuit)

EasyQuit is an app that may assist you to give up drinking immediately or by utilizing a give up consuming slowly mode.

It has many motivational features similar to the cash you save, motivational well being statistics about your body and how it improves without alcohol and personal motivations with a reminder function.

Motivational Health Section

★ Countdown timer to look at many features of your well being enhance because of your nice determination to cease this bad behavior.

★ See how much money you saved by not consuming and set a custom treat to buy out of your financial savings.

★ Play a game of memory to distract your self from the urge to have a drink.

Quit Slowly Mode with a personalized plan and reminders to ease your physique into quitting consuming.

★ Write your own personal motivations of why you wish to stop consuming alcohol and let the app remind you of them every day.

64 Beautiful Badges for your sobriety time and drinks passed; with congratulation reminders and sharing functionality.

28 lovely themes to personalise your experience.

High level of Privacy. No log in, no assortment or selling of your sensitive knowledge like email, password or contacts. Your knowledge is saved regionally in your telephone.

Two awesome widgets to put on your house display screen and always see the cash you saved by quitting ingesting and your time as an alcohol free individual.

I hope my sobriety counter app helps you break this behavior and cease consuming for good to turn into a sober healthy individual for ever :)

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