SnoreApp: snoring snore analysis detection

SnoreApp: snoring snore analysis detection

By SnoreCare KMS

SnoreApp: snoring snore analysis detectionSnoreApp: snoring snore analysis detectionSnoreApp: snoring snore analysis detectionSnoreApp: snoring snore analysis detectionSnoreApp: snoring snore analysis detection

All functionalities at a look:

• Scientifically developed loud night time breathing detection algorithm

• App information in standby mode, therefore little power consumption

• The recorded data is just saved regionally on the mobile phone

• The audio loud night time breathing sign could be monitored at any time of sleep.

• Marks snoring occasions using bar charts with snoring intensity

• Real-time show and acoustic output of detected loud night time breathing events on free selectable sleep occasions via cursor control

• Optional vibration when a snoring occasion is detected

• Manually adjustable start delay of the recording for the sleep process

• Snore evaluation of the daily recording as much as a month

• Analysis of the typical day by day snoring frequency over 24 hours of all recordings

• Choice between internal and exterior SD memory

• Manual stopping at any time and in addition computerized stopping of the

recording so you don't waste battery energy

• Detailed show within the bar chart with time stamp, frequency and

sound stress degree and line diagram for the final background noise

• Detailed show in a listing with time stamp, frequency and sound pressure level

• Copy function for the list

With SnoreApp you will get an outline about how often and the way intensive you are loud night breathing. SnoreApp selects uniquely only snoring for recording.

Using a scientifically-developed detection algorithm, snoring sounds are clearly distinguished from different ambient sounds, leading to as accurate a snoring detection end result as potential.

The recognition algorithm was created on the basis of scientific findings and tests of loud night time breathing audio indicators primarily based on numerous parameters similar to basic frequency, loud night breathing periodicity, voicing, quantity (sound pressure level) and varied other snoring sign options.

Through continuous testing with snoring from the sleep laboratory of a famend German ENT clinic, this algorithm is continually being verified and additional improved. The Snore algorithm was developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Information Technology of the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim and since then has been constantly redeveloped and improved in latest years.

Snoring not only impacts the sleep of you and your companion, it can be associated to health problems, corresponding to those related to respiratory misery (sleep apnea).

SnoreApp shows you the loud night time breathing behavior as nicely as the quantity and the precise time of incidence. Operation is intuitive and simple, so you can start measuring immediately.

Of course, SnoreApp is ad-free and with no hidden prices.

Also, take a look at the effectiveness of loud night time breathing prevention strategies used and evaluation how your snoring behavior develops over many nights.

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