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Nutrition Per

By Simon Kleine

Nutrition PerNutrition PerNutrition PerNutrition PerNutrition Per

● Runs and not utilizing a consumer account (you can start instantly - with out registering)

● Maximum data safety: Personal information is just on your device!

● No subscription - no in-app purchases

● No hidden fees

● Free database and app updates

● Recommended by nutritionists

- If you have at all times recognized wished to understand how minerals, nutritional vitamins and herbs work, where they occur and anyone who has an elevated need for magnesium, for example, will find the solutions in Nutrition Pro. - CHIP online (

The app includes the next features:

Nutritional tables

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The nutritional worth tables at present provide you with particular person information on over 2000 different meals, such as vitality density, kilojoules, protein, fat, roughage, carbohydrates, Calcium, salt and sugar obtainable.

The information on bread models, carbohydrate units, glycemic index and glycemic load is particularly useful for diabetics.

Is your food not but within the database?

Add it in the database with minimal effort.

Food Diary


With the built-in vitamin diary, you presumably can keep an eye fixed on your target values ​​at all instances.

Set your required day by day target value within the app parameters. Now document the meals you eat all through the day. You can combine individual foods into meals within the nutritional value tables. This means that whenever you eat a meal, you do not have to report its particular person parts within the food diary. This increases convenience and saves you time. You can now discover the individual days and their corresponding values ​​via the separate menu item “Nutrition diary”. You can see immediately whether or not you're still under or already above your set target worth.

With the diagram operate you presumably can see your personal value progression over the entire interval.

Symptom diary


Do you often have digestive issues, for example? , headaches or a feeling of fullness?

Nutrition-related symptoms could be detected very easily right here.

Data export evaluations

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Export the values ​​of the burden and meals diary as a CSV file.

List of E-additives


Look for an E-series additive and you will immediately see which substance is behind it and whether it is harmless or harmful. An inverse search is also attainable, as many manufacturers now use the additive name in plain text.

If you require additional data, the built-in Wikipedia hyperlink is directly available to you.

Dietary fiber information


Dietary fiber performs a significant position position in our digestive system. The dietary fiber information offers you with separate dietary fiber values ​​for many foods.

Vitamin database --- Herbal info --- Mineral directory

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Learn every little thing you want to know about an important nutritional vitamins. What meals are they discovered in? How much do I want per day? What occurs within the event of a deficiency or an overdose? You may also discover out which herbs are good for you and how they work in the organism.

Using the indication search, you will discover precisely the right mineral, vitamin or herb in your present software.

Health calculator


The BMI calculator determines your personal BMI value and also tells you whether you're obese, underweight or normal weight.

The calorie requirement calculator determines your private total calorie requirement per day, taking your activity profile under consideration.

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