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Join hundreds of thousands of Christians experiencing stronger religion deeper sleep due to PRAY.COM for every day prayers, prayer plans, Bedtime Bible Stories, and extra.


Elevate your prayer life with PRAY.COM’s prayer plans make prayer a precedence with new every day nightly prayers. Prayer plans will help set up a basis in your prayer habit whereas strengthening your religion. Customize your prayer plans today!


Bedtime Bible Stories will assist calm your mind ease your spirit as you fall asleep. Sleep simpler deeper than ever with these soothing tales. Examples of PRAY.COM’s Bedtime Bible Stories: The Story of David, the Teachings of Jesus, The Prophet Daniel plus many more - there’s a sleep story for all.


The excellent steadiness between meditation prayer, our guided Christian meditation will enrich your meditation apply leave you reflecting on gratitude all day. Meditative prayer Bible meditations help to develop Christian mindfulness that helps sort out life's challenges.


Bible stories take you through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation together with your favorite voice actors. With over 250 audio bible stories, you will construct your connection to Jesus, while rising your information of the Bible.

Prayer Topics Include:

* Love Kindness

* Hope Happiness

* Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Fear Anger

* Better Sleep

* Marriage Relationships

* Parenting

* Friendship

* Tranquility

* Leadership

* Finance

* Grief Healing

* Forgiveness

* And much more..

For Everyone

* New every day nightly prayers

* Sleep better with Bedtime Bible Stories

* Learn the Bible with Bible stories

* Find peace with Christian meditations

* Learn to pray with prayer plans

For Church Leaders

* Create a tradition of prayer on your church

* Teach the Bible with the faith audio library

* Develop a behavior of prayer with prayer plans

* Enable free mobile giving

Improve your sleep with Bedtime Bible Stories, make prayer a behavior with prayer plans, improve your meditation practice, strengthen your religion and embrace the love on PRAY.COM.

** #1 App for Prayer Faith ** - Fox News

** The Digital Destination for Faith ** - Christianity Today

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