Blood Pressure Tracker - Cardio journal

Blood Pressure Tracker - Cardio journal

By mEL Studio

Blood Pressure Tracker - Cardio journalBlood Pressure Tracker - Cardio journalBlood Pressure Tracker - Cardio journalBlood Pressure Tracker - Cardio journal

Blood pressure tracker – is an indispensable app which can allow you to log high blood pressure measurements (or low), pulse or coronary heart rate and eventually take hypertension or hypotension underneath control.

★ With the assistance of the cardio journal, you'll be able to simply deal with your coronary heart well being. All knowledge within the diary could be shortly and easily analyzed on different charts, showing the tendencies, the changes, the common values for the day, week, 2 week and month periods and and so on.

The main functionality of the app:

One contact tonometer readings adding - monitor and log blood strain: systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight, add feedback and notes for each measurement;

Track your every day well-being - make the dependence between the low or the excessive observe blood pressure and your mood (condition);

✓ A smart system of tags that enables Blood Pressure Tracker to be actually useful. With this system you'll find out the tendencies of stress modifications and understand what it is associated to;

✓ View all data within the journal on 11 completely different charts. You can configure the charts on your needs. See on a regular basis values, or view common values for a day, week or month. For example, if you have hypertension- do you know what is the cause and what is the impact. And what impacts this the most?;

Track medications your cardiologist advocate and analyze their effectiveness. When you track blood stress you can add a drugs to the measurement and find out its effect. Did it assist and will I take it longer, or the dosage is simply too high/low, or it even does not assist at all?;

Notifications system - rapidly and conveniently adjusted - now you'll always remember to about the cardio journal. The most necessary thing in coronary heart health is the consistency, stability, and regularity of knowledge entry. By the way in which, you can even set notifications for the medicines you take, and now you'll never forget to do too;

Export the data and the charts from the cardio diary to the e-mail, text information or to .XLS and .PDF. Now you'll be able to simply present an image of your health to your physician;

Automatic data backup to the SD or the internal storage of the phone. Sometimes it is extremely important to have a long historical past of your BP adjustments for coronary heart health, so you'll be able to make certain that all the data you add to the cardio diary are protected.

Diary of pulse charges and arterial blood stress tracker (monitor) will be a fantastic assistant for any particular person experiencing issues with heart illnesses, who are suffering from hypertension (increased BP) or hypertension (low BP) illnesses.

What is TAG system? This is a lot of possibilities in your pocket - you'll have the ability to set tags before entering each tonometer readings - before dinner, after a sports activities exercise, driving and and so on. So, later, it will be very simple and effective due to log blood pressure to seek out out what components and issues make you suffer from high or low BP. Isn't it nice to know?

Everyone should know. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the traditional BP vary is systolic ninety five - one hundred twenty mmHg and diastolic sixty five - 80 mmHg. But, each individual has private regular ranges. It depends on his way of life or well being situation, for example for one individual the systolic value of a hundred thirty mmHg might be regular, however for another individual, this value can be extraordinarily high. This knowledge must be established by your health care supplier. So, within the utility blood strain tracker, we use ranges system and everyone con set up if for himself. Be certain to search out out your normal limits of systolic and diastolic BP.

⚠️ Important: remember that to get your BP you should have a monitor (tonometer) readily available to enter the info within the cardio journal. The blood stress app is by no means able to independently measuring pulse or BP(like any other).

For any questions, concepts, and recommendations, please write to our contact e-mail.

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