Autogenic Training ׀ AT-Profi

Autogenic Training ׀ AT-Profi

By BodyMindPower

Autogenic Training ׀ AT-ProfiAutogenic Training ׀ AT-ProfiAutogenic Training ׀ AT-ProfiAutogenic Training ׀ AT-ProfiAutogenic Training ׀ AT-Profi


• All phases (exercises) incl. shoulders-neck

• Order of the phases adjustable

• Omit particular person phases (heart, shoulders-neck)

• Choose from 4 formulation variants (beginner/advanced/experienced/professional)

• Right-handed or left-handed

• Adjust volume of voice, music, nature sounds

• Repeat formulation (1-6x)

• Pause between formulas (5-30 sec.)

• Female or male voice

• 90 affirmations that could be done with/without AT

• Additional pause between AT and affirmations

• Timer to resume music/sounds

• 5 musics and 24 nature sounds

• Combine music with 2 nature sounds

• Fall asleep and loosen up ( Outro)

• Lead time of 10-120 seconds

• with / with out intro / outro

• Calculate whole working time


This app is especially beneficial for many who use the classic AT - i.e. the traditional formula n - from newbies to professionals - wish to learn as flexibly as attainable in several variants. In addition, the app presents a most of setting and selection options.

Autogenic Training (AT) was developed by J.H. Schultz in the Nineteen Twenties and is probably one of the established, scientifically based mostly leisure methods. The AT is based on the precept of autosuggestion (self-hypnosis). In addition to progressive muscle relaxation, it is the mostly used leisure method really helpful by medical doctors and therapists. The optimistic results of AT are scientifically proven.

In this classic version of the AT, all phases (exercises) and the complete program are instructed and practiced.

The shoulder-neck exercise isn't a classic AT exercise; Schultz solely added it later as an extra train as a outcome of he had observed that many individuals are most likely to get tense on this space. The exercise could be accomplished after the heat or belly train.


For the resting tone and all phases you can select from 34 formulas in accordance with your personal preferences and the respective train level (beginner, advanced, experienced, professional). This allows the AT to be custom-made and utilized by everybody - from beginners to professionals.


The number of repetitions for the current Phase and the earlier phases may be set in accordance with your own preferences. The present section ought to usually be repeated extra often (practiced longer) than the earlier phases. The extra advanced you are, the less repetitions are wanted to relax deeply and/or fall asleep.


Betw. pauses (5-30 sec.) may be set within the formulation relying on the train status.


It can encompass ninety positive affirmations to 9 themes can be chosen, which can be heard after the OT (or without OT). Due to the deep state of leisure that was previously achieved, these can penetrate deep into the unconscious and unfold their constructive results. The variety of repetitions and pause lengths are adjustable.


In order to proceed the music/sounds at the end, you possibly can set an arbitrarily very long time for the music (5) and nature/sounds (24) could be set.


Before the exercise begins, a lead time (10-120 sec. ) in which solely music/sounds may be heard.

VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS: How to make use of the app .com/watch?v=xVznH0_W_44


If sound problems occur in standby (timeout), activate the KeepScreenOn mode if needed (in very rare cases).


• the app doesn't require permissions

• all content is included in the app

• the app can - and may - be used offline

• the app incorporates no advertising, subscriptions or in-app purchases

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