Tinnitus Therapy Pro

Tinnitus Therapy Pro

By spikything.com

Tinnitus Therapy ProTinnitus Therapy Pro

Stop the ringing in your ears with this groundbreaking proven 'notch therapy' treatment.

- How does it work?

First, we establish your 'tinnitus frequency', then we play what is known as 'pink noise' together with your tinnitus frequency filtered out. Listening to this every day can enhance your tinnitus signs by forcing your ears to adjust for the lacking frequency.

- Really?

Yes, actually. The science behind this new kind of tinnitus remedy is backed by years of PhD research. You can read this research at our website (link at the bottom of this page).

- Why get this app?

Unlike similar software available out there, I don't charge a month-to-month charge, nor impose any restrictions or time-limited trials on the app. I'll even be updating and enhancing the app because the community learns more about the way to improve the remedy.

- How to prove it is filtering out frequencies?

To see what the app is doing when it is working, you would use a spectrum analyzer app to 'see' the noise being filtered to your chosen frequency vary.

Here's wishing you good listening to well being.

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