Sphygmo Blood Pressure

Sphygmo Blood Pressure

By mmHg Inc.

Sphygmo Blood PressureSphygmo Blood PressureSphygmo Blood PressureSphygmo Blood PressureSphygmo Blood Pressure

An app designed by docs that will assist you collect and manage your blood pressure and blood glucose readings. This app has been created that can assist you measure your blood strain and blood glucose accurately utilizing your personal home monitor, follow your developments over time, and assist your healthcare supplier finest handle your care.

• Use our new personalization characteristic to:

- evaluate your blood stress in accordance with the American medical


- assess your well being habits;

- and observe your drugs.

• Ensure your measurements are performed precisely by following our how-to measurement information.

• Rapidly and efficiently calculate blood pressure and blood glucose averages with our patent-pending Swipe Averaging™ function. Bring your phone to your next appointment with your physician or pharmacist, and they can use Swipe Averaging™ to quickly and simply assess your readings for scientific choice making.

• Link your readings directly to your healthcare provider or pharmacist, by way of the Sphygmo Telemonitoring System. Find out more at mmhg.ca/products

• Learn from internationally famend experts what blood stress is, about excessive and low blood strain, and how blood stress can finest be managed.

• Easily track your blood stress utilizing any blood strain monitor. Automatically transmit your readings using a appropriate Bluetooth-enabled house BP monitor, or manually enter the worth reported by any blood stress monitor.

• Track your blood glucose using any blood glucose monitor by recording the values in Sphgymo.

The following Bluetooth-enabled units are supported.

• AD Medical Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-651BLE)

• AD Medical Premium Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-1200BLE UB-1100BLE)

• AD Medical Wireless Weight Scale (UC-350BLE)

• AD Medical Premium Wireless Weight Scale (UC-352BLE)

• BIOS Protocol® 7D MII (BD245)

• Omron 5, 7, 10 Series® Upper Arm Monitor (BP7250, BP7350, BP7450, BP7450CAN)

• Omron 7 Series® (BP761, BP761N, BP761CAN, BP761CANN)

• Omron 10 Series® (BP786, BP786N, BP786CAN, BP786CANN)

• Omron Blood Pressure Monitor (BP769CAN)

• Omron EVOLV® (BP7000)

• Omron Complete™ Blood Pressure Monitor (BP7900)

• Omron Silver, Gold, Platinum (BP5250, BP5350, BP5450)

• Omron Wrist, Gold Wrist, 7 Series® Wrist (BP653, BP654, BP4350, BP6350)

• Welch Allyn 1700 Series (HBP100SBP)

• Roche Accu-Chek Guide (Model 930)

• Trivida True Metrix Air

• Contec CMS50D-BT

PRIVACY AND SECURITY: We require customers to create an account with an e mail handle and password. This is so that we might help you when you substitute your device, need to use a number of units, or have to recuperate your password. Otherwise, you ought to use the app with out entering private information except you wish to link together with your healthcare supplier, during which case you'll have to complete the profile to permit your provider to establish you. We take security very seriously. Data transmission is encrypted and our medical grade server is positioned in Ontario, Canada.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The Sphygmo Home app isn't meant for the analysis of or screening for hypertension or diabetes. Users ought to be aware that the Sphygmo Home app is an data management service to enable the analysis of blood strain and blood glucose data and isn't intended to be an various to the advice of a health care professional. Individuals should at all times seek the assistance of their doctor or other qualified well being care skilled with any questions they could have relating to a medical condition, including any queries or issues about blood stress and blood glucose administration. You should by no means disregard skilled medical recommendation or delay in looking for it because of data transmitted to or contained in your Sphygmo app.

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