UNDEAD FACTORY - zombie wars

UNDEAD FACTORY - zombie wars


UNDEAD FACTORY - zombie warsUNDEAD FACTORY - zombie warsUNDEAD FACTORY - zombie warsUNDEAD FACTORY - zombie warsUNDEAD FACTORY - zombie warsUNDEAD FACTORY - zombie warsUNDEAD FACTORY - zombie wars

Human civilization collapses in an explosion of zombie virus infection. Survivors began to take the supplies they needed for themselves. A pure human race for survival, with out morals or justice, began.

The war turned strategic and escalated. Horrifyingly, the people finally developed a method to modify and strengthen the undead, turning them into their very own military. Humans have been forced to fortify their settlements and struggle the oncoming zombie hordes until they were lowered to mute lumps of flesh.

Kill earlier than you are killed.

Take them before they take you.

It was a battle with no future.

It was the start of the top.

Build a survivor village.

If you don't want to sleep forever, you'll want a secure place to stay.

Don't fear. There's only so much time in this world.

If you don't want to die, arm your self.

Use what technology is left in humanity to develop highly effective weapons. Keep hitting them until they flip into disgusting burgers. Yum-yum.

Manufacture the undead and turn them into weapons.

The solely weapon in this world that can beat a gun is a zombie. Build a analysis plant to develop and use enhancements and new species. You can talk about morality after you are dead.

Gather the survivors.

Civilians with out guns may seem ineffective, but they can be used for necessary functions.

Join a stronger guild.

It's hard to outlive alone in a world the place gunfire rings out 24 hours a day.

Joining an alliance will only slightly increase your chances.

Develop a strategy.

Each particular person zombie has its personal traits. Understand the characteristics of every and loot them strategically. Don't fear, they will not bite you.

Free to play online RTS

Advanced strategy and full-fledged defensive technique game

The Infection System causes pandemics.

There are 14 types of zombies that can be developed and enhanced in the game.

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