Ninja Prime: Tap Quest

Ninja Prime: Tap Quest

By TopCog

Ninja Prime: Tap QuestNinja Prime: Tap QuestNinja Prime: Tap QuestNinja Prime: Tap QuestNinja Prime: Tap QuestNinja Prime: Tap QuestNinja Prime: Tap Quest

Tap through the galaxy, hone idle ninja quest abilities in opposition to the Shogun, tap to defeat area horrors, and carve out your revenge on the empire in this distinctive Tap RPG! Allocate talent points, full quests, collect distinctive items, and upgrade your way across space in Ninja Prime: Tap Quest!

This is a Space RPG Quest sport like you’ve by no means seen. Battle ronin, prepare your ninja jutsu, tap to upgrade your expertise and select your skills to outlive the Shogun. Tap to attack, collect sources and use your talents to quest by way of house and slay slavering savages serving the scheming shogun!

Ninja Prime: Tap Quest Features:

Tap to Explore Space

-Discover Galaxies with distinctive game-altering mechanics!

-Go on Quests to reclaim Planets and earn resources!

-Collect assets along the way as you quest improve new tap ninja skills!

Battle Ninja Hordes

- Face off in opposition to the Space Mercs, Cosmic Cult Ninja, and Technocrat Alliance!

- Strategically choose the best ta- skills for every quest!

- Battle the fearsome Dark Shogun to outlive and craft uncommon loot!

Craft Ninja Gear

- Collect sources to unlock new faucet abilities!

- Collect items and use them carefully to multiply your power at the good moments!

Tap Ninja Action

- A unique style fusion - play as much or as little as you like!

- Your ninja retains completing quests with out you!

- Return to tap and gather the loot and riches your hero collected when you have been away!

Lovers of retro RPG video games and incrementals won’t be succesful of put down this quest stuffed ninja epic. Go on an epic tap quest, explore space to battle monsters, and defeat robust cosmic bosses. Master the Cosmos in Ninja Prime: Tap Quest! Enjoy it online or offline!

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