Seek Of Souls - Adventure -

Seek Of Souls - Adventure -

By TownSoftJP

Seek Of Souls - Adventure -Seek Of Souls - Adventure -Seek Of Souls - Adventure -Seek Of Souls - Adventure -Seek Of Souls - Adventure -Seek Of Souls - Adventure -Seek Of Souls - Adventure -

The adventurers set out looking for an adventure.

You are an adventurer who has landed in a small village.

There are other adventurers just like you in the village tavern, and there is all the time something happening there.

You can rent an adventurer to solve the village's instances, or you presumably can exit to different, larger towns.

or You can get involved in a few unhealthy things.

You are free to do no matter you need.

But freedom comes with responsibility.

You are in management of what you do.

Welcome to the world of liberty.

We welcome you.

---- ...

Seek of Souls just isn't an RPG such AS “the heroes take revenge for the demon king WHO burn their village”, or” the gods give them a mission.”

It's an RPG game that you simply be happy to play in an off-the-cuff method.

People within the village and city are ready for adventurers to assist them clear up numerous instances (quests).

Some adventurers are waiting on your invitation at the journey inn.

Each adventurer has his/her own job/characteristic; some are good with swords and a few are good with magic or disarming traps.

Use their every job to your benefit and revel in countless adventures on this world.


This game has a novel job-changing system that permits you to change jobs to jobs of adventures that you just meet and add to your get together.

This system allows you to create your individual adventurer.

Once you reincarnate, you can start the world again as some other adventurer you have met.

Since the reincarnated adventurer has knowledge of the previous job, he or she will be able to change to the same job she or he has discovered up till now.

Even when doing the identical quest, you probably can change the issue stage and get more rewards by doing the identical quest on a harder level!

We look ahead to seeing you on this game.

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