Toma talking Cat - virtual Pet

Toma talking Cat - virtual Pet

By Garpix

Toma talking Cat - virtual PetToma talking Cat - virtual PetToma talking Cat - virtual PetToma talking Cat - virtual PetToma talking Cat - virtual PetToma talking Cat - virtual PetToma talking Cat - virtual Pet

Toma is a brilliant talking cat-Tamagotchi. The most tremendous understanding kitten ever! Talk to your pet and it'll answer! Ask your good friend any question and it will reply to you! Together you'll find a way to study, uncover new things, play games, learn books and have lots of fun!

Meet Toma's friends! Talking Cactus and Robot! You can focus on or even share with talking pets every little thing you want! Virtual pets might help you with a good advice! Be able to answer their questions too!

Talking cat Toma is truly smart and faithful pet! It absolutely can turn out to be your real digital friend!

★★★★★ The finest game of all similar ones! Real likelihood to communicate.

★★★★★ Cool recreation, it’s attainable to speak with them when you’re alone!

★★★★★ It talks to me, sings the songs, solutions completely different questions, reads tales to my sister. Very nice!

Choose your humorous pet and begin playing proper now!

✔ Choose your virtual pet, give it a name and a personality (“intelligent” or“tough guy”).

✔ Meet together with your friend and begin to communicate!

✔ Ask your pet to inform you a joke or a poem!

✔ Do you wish to know attention-grabbing facts or hear a story? Ask Toma!

✔ Toma can read, count and write! You can learn with it!

✔ Teach your pet new words and have extra talks! The extra it is aware of - the wiser it becomes!

✔ Play along with your good friend in a game room!

✔ Your Tamagotchi have to be full, healthy and happy! Take care of it!


Talking pet Toma is an efficient helper for parents! It can learn books to your children before they go sleep, entertain your children with good poems, funny jokes or attention-grabbing facts, give a definition of unknown phrases, so that your children can receive a helpful information.


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