Deep Chess-Chess Partner

Deep Chess-Chess Partner

By Lachezar Balgariev

Deep Chess-Chess PartnerDeep Chess-Chess PartnerDeep Chess-Chess PartnerDeep Chess-Chess PartnerDeep Chess-Chess PartnerDeep Chess-Chess PartnerDeep Chess-Chess Partner

Strong Chess Program with risk for Analysis.

21 levels obtainable from newbie to Grandmaster.

One of the strongest chess applications ever made. All official Chess Rules are applied. A draw by stalemate, insufficient materials, the fifty transfer rule, or threefold repetition is recognized. If you are a strong player attempt to beat our chess on the higher levels(16-21).

If you're beginner in chess you can improve you play stability attention and concentration enjoying levels(1-10).

To make a move- contact a bit, all out there strikes are highlighted touch one of the highlighted moves

If you wish to play in opposition to pc from start position-touch Computer-choose level-choose color-play

If you wish to play towards computer from specific position-setup position -touch Computer-choose level-play

If you need to force laptop to play for both sides-setup place -touch Computer-touch BothSide-choose degree.

Solve greater than 460 Chess Puzzles and get higher.

No Ads or InApp purchases.

Use move hints, perfect for studying.

To Analyse Your game You should first enter Your sport shifting for each side, then faucet Reset button then save it, then load it and use Hint button.

PolyGlot(.bin) opening books support added. In order to use PolyGlot(.bin) e-book you have to have SD Card mounted in your device. You have to download PolyGlot(.bin) e-book in your Downloads or Documents folder in your SD Card. To add e-book faucet on Files button - Add Book button - select your book.

You can export Your saved recreation as a PGN file in Your SD Card-Downloads folder.

Win Achievements:

-- 3 wins on similar degree with out withdraw move(Undo) - Bronze Star

-- 5 wins on same stage with out withdraw move(Undo) - Silver Star

-- 7 wins on identical level with out withdraw move(Undo) - Gold Star

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