Arena Quest RPG (demo)

Arena Quest RPG (demo)

By Gfactor Games

Arena Quest RPG (demo)Arena Quest RPG (demo)Arena Quest RPG (demo)Arena Quest RPG (demo)Arena Quest RPG (demo)Arena Quest RPG (demo)Arena Quest RPG (demo)

Full version available at:

- Welcome to the demo version of Arena Quest RPG -

The nasty Ogre King has stolen the magical gem of eternal power. It is up to you and the good fellows of Riverwood to restore peace to the kingdom! Take Command of the battlefield and direct 4 courageous heroes to glory, with each victory providing the prospect to uncover legendary objects lengthy forgotten and bringing you a step closer to the Ogre King's domain.

Featuring intuitive contact controls, Arena Quest RPG challenges your micro-management skills. Use tactics mode to pause the action and assign instructions to additional fantastic tune your strategic objectives. Alternatively if strategy isn't your'll be able to merely stage up high sufficient, unlock all of your talents and crush your foes!

- Experience the most recent Role Playing Game on the block! -


★ Party primarily based motion RPG gameplay.

★ Simple touch controls.

★ Multiple hero characters with completely different class roles.

★ Unique talents for each hero.

★ Tactics mode that allows pausing of the sport to concern buffered commands, bringing back that flip based RPG feel!

★ Action RPG fashion randomised loot, with over 200 highly effective legendary/unique objects to be found.

★ Over 40 achievements to complete.

★ No adverts, in recreation purchases or invasive permissions. Completely free to try!

★ The demo consists of the first world only (with boss fight).

If you loved the demo, check out the ultimate model of Arena Quest RPG (more heroes, expertise, monsters, loot, item mods, legendary artefacts, boss fights and more!)

-- What they say --

puts all of the elements of an RPG into a giant pot, then boils it until solely the delicious concentrated broth remains.

Getting a heavy Battleheart meets Diablo vibe here.

Toucharcade forums

Arena Quest is nice fun, especially if you're a min-maxing gamer who actually enjoys challenging combat eventualities.

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