Sesterce – Share Expenses

Sesterce – Share Expenses

By Stan Kocken

Sesterce – Share ExpensesSesterce – Share ExpensesSesterce – Share ExpensesSesterce – Share ExpensesSesterce – Share Expenses

Sesterce allows you to simply share expenses split bills for a gaggle of pals, a couple or roommates.

Add all the bills and Sesterce settles it up!

Designed with roommates in thoughts, nice for couples, and important for a group of friends on holiday!

SIMPLE: shared bills has never been so simple

COLLABORATIVE: every member can join the group, add an expense and keep track of all the payments on his phone or computer

ANONYMOUS: no e mail required

SECURED: all shared groups may be protected with a password

OFFLINE: in trip, you do not need an Internet connection to split a check

Key use circumstances:

• Keeping monitor of your household budget

• Split bills / checks with friends

• Organize bills during a trip (holiday, week-end…) and follow your frequent budget

• Track break up bills with roommates (rent, utilities, bills)

• Make your event accounting easier, to repay later (birthday, bachelor celebration, trip)

• Check who should pay what to whom

But that’s not all! Sesterce has many extra free features!


Not everybody shared all of the expenses, be free to specify precisely how they're involved


Add the classes that fit your needs to hold observe of your expenses


Check the finances by category and by group member


In trip abroad, add a bill and Sesterce will convert it to your currency


With Sesterce you can share a spreadsheet file (.csv) of all of the groups expenses

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