Currency FX Exchange Rates

Currency FX Exchange Rates

By Handy Apps

Currency FX Exchange RatesCurrency FX Exchange RatesCurrency FX Exchange RatesCurrency FX Exchange RatesCurrency FX Exchange Rates

Currency FX is a foreign money converter app that provides updated foreign money exchange rates and valuable steel costs in your foreign money conversion needs via a easy, quick and environment friendly consumer Interface.

The intuitive UI of Currency FX reveals you all the data you want in one single screen:

1)Latest currency trade charges of the world (eg. dollar rates, euro rates)

2)Currency converter (eg. euro to dollar and greenback to pound)

3)Currency trade rates charts

4)Favorite currencies list

5)News section

6)Rapid search for desired forex via foreign money code or country identify

This foreign money converter tool includes the next options:

- Live currency exchange rates for greater than one hundred fifty world currencies and 5 metals including gold and silver

- Charts obtainable for analysing foreign money exchange price tendencies over a period of 1 day, 5 days, 1 month, 3 month, 1 year and 5 years

- Favorite Currency List to easily see all of your favorited currency charges against your chosen base currency

- News hold you updated with the latest forex information

- Auto Update with a range of time intervals to choose on from

- Offline mode to allow foreign money conversion without web connection

- Display quantities up to 5 decimal places

Currency FX is proudly delivered to you by Handy Apps.

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Supported currencies:

United Arab Emirates Dirham

Albania Lek

Netherlands Antilles Guilder

Argentina Peso

Australian Dollar

Aruba Florin

Barbados Dollar

Bangladesh Taka

Bulgarian Lev

Bahrain Dinar

Burundi Franc

Brunei Dollar

Bolivian Boliviano

Brazilian Real

Bahamian Dollar

Bhutan Ngultrum

Botswana Pula

Belarus Ruble

Belize Dollar

Canadian Dollar

Congo/Kinshasa Franc

Swiss Franc

Chilean Peso

Chinese Yuan Renminbi

Colombia Peso

Costa Rica Colon

Cuban Peso

Cape Verde Escudo

Czech Koruna

Djibouti Franc

Danish Krone

Dominican Peso

Algerian Dinar

Ecuador Sucre

Estonian Kroon

Egyptian Pound

Eritrea Nakfa

Ethiopia Birr


Fiji Dollar

Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Pound

British Pound

Gold Ounces

Ghanian Cedi

Gibraltar Pound

Gambian Dalasi

Guinea Franc

Guatemala Quetzal

Guyana Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar

Honduras Lempira

Croatian Kuna

Haiti Gourde

Hungary Forint

Indonesian Rupiah

Israeli Shekel

Indian Rupee

Iraqi Dinar

Iran Rial

Iceland Krona

Jamaican Dollar

Jordanian Dinar

Japanese Yen

Kenya Shilling

Cambodia Riel

Comoros Franc

North Korean Won

South Korean Won

Kuwaiti Dinar

Cayman Islands Dollar

Kazakhstan Tenge

Lao Kip

Lebanon Pound

Sri Lanka Rupee

Liberian Dollar

Lesotho Loti

Lithuanian Litas

Latvian Lat

Libyan Dinar

Moroccon Dirham

Moldovan Leu

Macedonian Denar

Myanmar (Burma) Kyat

Mongolian Tughrik

Macau Pataca

Mauritania Ougulya

Maltese Lira

Mauritius Rupee

Maldives Rufiyaa

Malawi Kwacha

Mexican Peso

Malaysian Ringgit

Namibian Dollar

Nigerian Naira

Nicaragua Cordoba

Norwegian Krone

Nepalese Rupee

New Zealand Dollar

Omani Rial

Palladium Ounces

Panama Balboa

Peruvian Nuevo Sol

Papua New Guinea Kina

Philippine Peso

Pakistani Rupee

Platinum Ounces

Polish Zloty

Paraguayan Guarani

Qatar Riyal

Romanian New Leu

Russian Ruble

Rwanda Franc

Saudi Arabian Riyal

Solomon Islands Dollar

Seychelles Rupee

Sudanese Pound

Swedish Krona

Singapore Dollar

Saint Helena Pound

Sierra Leone Leone

Slovenian Tolar

Slovak Koruna

Silver Ounces

Somali Shilling

São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra

El Salvador Colon

Syria Pound

Swaziland Lilangeni

Thailand Baht

Tunisia Dinar

Tonga Pa'anga

Turkey Lira

Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

Taiwan New Dollar

Tanzania Shilling

Ukraine Hryvna

Uganda Shilling

United States Dollar

Uruguayan New Peso

Venezuela Bolivar

Vietnam Dong

Vanuatu Vatu

Samoa Tala

Communauté Financière Africaine (BEAC) CFA FrancBEAC

East Caribbean Dollar

Communauté Financière Africaine (BCEAO) Franc

Comptoirs Français du Pacifique (CFP) Franc

Yemen Rial

South Africa Rand

Zambia Kwacha

Zimbabwe Dollar

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