SavePal: Savings and goals tracker

SavePal: Savings and goals tracker

By Julio

SavePal: Savings and goals trackerSavePal: Savings and goals trackerSavePal: Savings and goals trackerSavePal: Savings and goals trackerSavePal: Savings and goals tracker

Are you planning your subsequent trip? Do you want to buy a bike? Saving cash for a particular gift?

With SavePal it is easy to manage your financial savings , simply add your targets and track each time you save money, it is that simple. Change your savings and spending habits because of SavePal.

You can see the history of all of your financial savings with charts, understanding in which classes you're saving more cash . Keep motivated to attain your targets rapidly.


SavePal can be used as a Piggy Bank, Savings Planner or Budget Planner! It allows you to easily track your progress so as to buy the things you need.


✔ Unlimited targets.

✔ Save cash simply to reach your goals.

✔ Add financial savings to each aim.

✔ Withdraw money from each aim if needed.

✔ See the daily/weekly/monthly financial savings wanted to achieve your goal

✔ Track your financial savings and goal by classes.

✔ Add reminders to maintain you motivated.

✔ Beautiful charts with your total financial savings.

✔ Multiple currencies.

✔ Widget.

How to use:

✔ Add your targets, set the quantity, class and the deadline.

✔ You can add reminders to motivate you.

✔ Start adding financial savings to every goal. You can also withdraw money from it.

✔ Track your progress with dashboards and reminders. You can monitor how a lot you may be saving by category.

Premium features (In-App Purchase):

✔ Change Theme: Customize your app theme.

✔ Change Font: Customize the font.

✔ Manage classes: Add as many classes as you want and choose from more than 30 icons.

✔ Backup and Restore: Save your knowledge in your Google Drive account and restore it on a different gadget.

Supported languages:

✔ English

✔ Spanish

Contact us!

We are joyful to chat with you. Are you lacking any features? Is one thing not working as expected?

Send us an e mail: [email protected]

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