Financial Calculator Trial

Financial Calculator Trial

By Joaquin Grech

Financial Calculator TrialFinancial Calculator TrialFinancial Calculator Trial

Financial Calculator is a simple, yet powerful calculator.

Per request, now it is a free trial to find a way to truly see it in motion before buying.

Video tutorial:


* Time value of cash.

* Growing annuities.

* Calculates N, Interest, Present Value, PMT and Future Value of Money.

* Bond valuation.

* Cash circulate evaluation in an intuitive interface.

* Analyzes investments: Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV)

* Amortization and Loans. Support for Canadian mortgages.

* RPN assist.

* Near instantaneous calculations.


Please, learn the FAQ on the help section should you imagine numbers are incorrect. It's usually individuals lacking one thing on the settings when utilizing the monetary calculator.

Note about permissions: There appears to be some concern in regards to the permissions. The purpose they are there's to have the ability to e mail your results so it needs access to your telephone, internet and e mail app. If you've additional questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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