Professional Accountant Ledger

Professional Accountant Ledger

By Adel Alraee

Professional Accountant LedgerProfessional Accountant LedgerProfessional Accountant LedgerProfessional Accountant LedgerProfessional Accountant Ledger

The skilled accountant performs the next tasks and capabilities:

1- Follow up on debit and credit score balances and collect them mechanically.

2- Arrange the record of customers and suppliers progressively from largest to smallest or vice versa, either based on the stability or According to the rank of the client or provider.

3-Displaying the gathering share of the customer and the fee share of the supplier.

4-Displaying the distinction and the proportion of the difference between the stability of the earlier yr and the present steadiness, by enhance or decrease.

5- Displaying the distinction and the percentage distinction between the balances of the intervals or between the previous and present month.

6- Not permitting the repetition of the bill or voucher quantity for a similar customer or for an additional customer, while permitting this within the accounts of suppliers aside from the same provider.

7- The function to allow the completion of the accounting process in the occasion that the document number is not available by way of the opposite possibility.

8- The feature to allow using the program with or without specifying the fiscal yr.

9- Not permitting the process to be deported if its date just isn't inside the specified fiscal year.

10- Modifying and deleting transactions and modifying their dates through the fiscal year.

11- Preparing detailed and comprehensive reports.

12- Ledger sharing via completely different media.

13 - A search operate that allows fast and easy access.

14-Export and import the database.

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