Financial Calculator (FincCalc)

Financial Calculator (FincCalc)

By roaming squirrel

Financial Calculator (FincCalc)Financial Calculator (FincCalc)Financial Calculator (FincCalc)Financial Calculator (FincCalc)

If you are in enterprise or are a pupil of business, this app could be useful for you!

A Financial Calculator combined with a Scientific Calculator

Financial Mode consists of:

* Simple Interest Mode

* Compound Interest Mode (FV, PV, PMT, NPER)

* Cash Flow Mode (NPV, NFV, IRR, MIRR, DPBP)

* Amortization Mode (PMT, BAL, INT, PRN, ∑INT, ∑PRN)

* Cost, Sales and Margin Mode

* Break-Even Mode

* Depreciation Mode (SL, FP, SYD, FDB, DB)

* Bond Mode (PRC, YTM, YTC, Duration, Convexity)

* Days Calculation Mode

* Interest Conversion Mode

* Options Trading (Greeks)

* Exchange Rates

In many circumstances, a graph and accompanying table displaying the results is available. The desk could be saved to the sd card in csv format.

Full details of the formulas used in the monetary calculations can be found within the Help section.

Scientific Mode consists of:

* Trigonometric Functions

* Power and Root Functions

* Log and Antilog Functions

* Permutations and Combinations

* Statistics Functions

* Factorial Function

* Modulus Function

Separate calculation histories can be found for both financial and scientific modes.

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