Particles Magic Effect

Particles Magic Effect

By Mikael Montier

Particles Magic EffectParticles Magic EffectParticles Magic Effect

Particles Magic Effect is a magic app that offers the flexibility to make visually appear a spectator's chosen card by shaking enjoying card pips over your smartphone screen!

You can even create any prediction texts utilizing the identical revelation.

Magic trick created by Mikael Montier.


• TV performance rights are not included with purchase.

• All TV rights are reserved and available from Mikael Montier.

• Please contact us at [email protected] for particulars.


Our magic apps have been downloaded by more than 800K customers and are featured in the most famous TV exhibits, newspapers, magic magazines, high-tech blogs...

As seen on « Got Talent » TV Show.

The New York Times - Kit Eaton

« Simple, great-looking design and adorably funny! »

Yahoo Tech - David Pogue

« I love, love, love this trick. »

« Exceptionally clever, convincing secret! »

« FANTASTIC for a beginner! »

« Extremely straightforward, wildly artistic trick. »

MUM Magazine (The Society of American Magicians) - Bruce Kalver

« Mikael Montier churns out some real successful apps. Bravo! »

Gordon Ramsay - Chef, restaurateur, writer and television personality

« That's crazy! »

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