Learning hours on the clock

Learning hours on the clock


Learning hours on the clockLearning hours on the clockLearning hours on the clockLearning hours on the clockLearning hours on the clock

Learning hours on a clock for youths contains 7 classes (levels). Each lesson consists of a coaching part and video games. Application for children aged 5 - 9 years. A clock for a child.


Lessons 1 inclusive of games are at no cost. The value for the full model of the application is PLN 13.ninety nine.


1.1 Learning: What do you need a clock for?

1.2 Learning: Clock - Introduction (explanation: clock face, minute and hour hand)

1.3 Learning: Digital clock

1.4 Learning: Whole hours (explanation of reading hours on an analog clock - whole hours only)

4 video games

Lesson 2 - A DAY HAS 24 HOURS

2.1 Learning: A day is 24 hours (hour hand in a single day) will run around the dial twice, when the pointer is moved, it adjustments day / night)

2.2 Try it (Children move the dial on the dial, and a photograph will appear at every hour, e.g. breakfast, way to faculty, study in school, lunch, etc.)

6 games

Lesson 3 - SQUARE

3.1 Learning: Dividing the dough - explanation half an hour by dividing the dough into two parts - a complete and a half (without introducing the concept of 30 minutes immediately)

3.2 Learning: Half an hour - explaining the recognition of half an hour on the dial.

3.3 Learning: How many minutes are in half an hour? (Children rely the minutes in half an hour.)

5 video games

Lesson 4 - SQUARE BOOK

4.1 Learning: Dividing the dough - defined, a quarter of an hour with 1 / 4 of a dough

4.2 Learning: A quarter of an hour - learning a quarter-hour on the dial

4.3 Learning: How many minutes does a quarter of an hour have? (Children depend the minutes in a quarter-hour.)

Lesson 5 - MINUTES

(For ease of use, kids be taught It is 6 o'clock and forty minutes. )

5.1 Learning: Minutes - rationalization of minutes on analog clock with hands, 1 hour is 60 minutes.

5.2 Learning: Reading minutes - kids press a button and watch how the time on the clock modifications.

5.2 Science: Seconds explains what the third skinny hand on the clock means.

5 video games


6.1. Two methods to read the time - Learning the spoken form of time, corresponding to 20 to 4 as a substitute of three and forty minutes or three forty minutes.

6 video games




- transfer the clues and the pictures will present what is going on on the time


- set the hand clock to three:20 (analog to digital time conversion)


- 4 will seem dials, and the task is to point the clock which exhibits e.g. eleven:forty five.


-set the time on the digital clock according to the clock which has instructions (digital to analog time conversion)


-mark two photos that match, combine photographs and digital time .


- the analog clock with arms will present the time, and the player has to count:

a) what number of minutes an hour is missing

b) what quantity of hours are left until midnight (pay consideration to the day / evening image

MOVE THE HANDS - Moving the minute hand is simpler when you information it on the outside of the dial quite than immediately touching the hand.

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