Kahoot! Learn to Read by Poio

Kahoot! Learn to Read by Poio

By Kahoot!

Kahoot! Learn to Read by PoioKahoot! Learn to Read by PoioKahoot! Learn to Read by PoioKahoot! Learn to Read by PoioKahoot! Learn to Read by Poio

Kahoot! Poio Read makes it potential for youths to study to read on their very own.

This award-winning learning app has taught over 100,000 children how to read by giving them the phonics training they want to recognise letters and their sounds, in order that they will learn new phrases.


Access to the contents and performance of this app requires a subscription to Kahoot! Family. The subscription begins with a 7 day free trial and could be cancelled at any time earlier than the end of the trial.

The Kahoot! Family subscription gives your beloved ones access to premium Kahoot! options and three award-winning learning apps for math and reading.


Kahoot! Poio Read takes your baby on an journey the place they have to grasp phonics to save the Readlings.

Letters and their corresponding sounds are gradually launched as your child explores the world, and your baby will use these sounds to learn bigger and larger phrases. The game will adapt to the child's level and each word they master will be added to a fairy-tale story, in order that the kid looks like they are writing the story themselves.

The objective is for your baby to have the ability to show of their newfound abilities by reading the story to you, their siblings or impressed grandparents.


Kahoot! Poio Read is a unique strategy to phonics instructing, where youngsters are in cost of their own learning journey.

1. Kahoot! Poio Read is a recreation designed to have interaction your child by way of play and ignite their curiosity for reading.

2. The recreation repeatedly adapts to each child's degree of skill, offering a sense of mastery and keeping the kid motivated.

3. Keep observe of your child’s achievements with our e mail reviews, and get recommendation on tips on how to initiate a constructive dialogue to reinforce studying.

4. The aim is on your youngster to read the story e-book to you, their siblings or impressed grandparents.



Inside the game there is a guide. It’s empty when your baby starts enjoying. However, as the game unfolds, it'll replenish with words and unravel the mysteries of the fantasy world.


Readlings are cute bugs who eat alphabet letters. They are very picky about what they like, and have different personalities. The child controls them all!


Poio, the main character of the game, catches the lovable Readlings. He wants their help to learn the guide he has stolen from them. As they collected words at every level, children will spell them out so as to learn the book.


The troll and the Readlings live on an island, within the forest, a desert valley and a winter land. The goal of every straw-level is to eat as many vowels as potential and find a new word for the book. A sub aim is to rescue all of the trapped Readlings. To unlock the cages the place the Readings are trapped, we give children phonic tasks to practice letter sounds and spelling.


For each Reading they rescue, youngsters are rewarded with the chance to enter a special “house”. This gives them a break from the intense phonetics training. Here, they'll use the gold cash they collect to furnish and adorn the home, while enjoying with the themes and verbs of everyday objects.


The playing cards encourage children to search out new things and to apply extra. The board of playing cards also serves as a playful instruction menu for the elements in the sport.

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