MC50 Programmable Calculator

MC50 Programmable Calculator

By Walter Stubbs

MC50 Programmable CalculatorMC50 Programmable CalculatorMC50 Programmable CalculatorMC50 Programmable CalculatorMC50 Programmable Calculator

-Programmable Calculator:

-No programming information required: begin programming and be taught its primary ideas.

-Create and retailer your personal packages, that might be saved as exterior information of your device.

-Edit your programs utilizing the built-in or an exterior text editor.

-Optionally save your programs as standard textual content information.

-Built-in sample programs (examples) prepared to make use of and customize (edit) that embrace:

-Financial arithmetic.

-Prime numbers

-Math series



-Program instructions are simple to enter to implement algorithms with loops, conditional exams etc.

-Structured programming language (MPL).

-Data constructions: Processing of lists and matrices.

-Subroutines, native variables.

-Programmable keys: assign person applications to keys and convert the calculator right into a customized calculator.

-Complete User's guide. (available in English and Spanish)

-Input strategies:

-Algebraic with implied multiplication.

-RPN (Reverse Polish Notation)

-Retrieve the final 30 results and math expressions.

-Complex numbers (rectangular and polar form), fractions

-Binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers.

-Degrees, Radians and Gradians, Scientific and Engineering notation, fixed variety of decimals and floating level, sexagesimal system.

-Several keyboard configurations.

-Customized keys.

-Copy, minimize and paste edit tools.

-Built-in features:

Logarithms, trigonometric and hyperbolic features, exponential, factorial, combinations, permutations, best frequent divisor, least common multiple, absolute value, modulus, complicated numbers, prime and random numbers, determinants, vectors ( norm, dot product).

-Store leads to reminiscences and/or person outlined variables.

-21 built-in constants.

-Unit converter: one hundred twenty predefined Measurement Units.

-User outlined functions utilizing:


-Math expressions.

User defined constants.

-User outlined formulation: Evaluate mechanically your individual formulas.

-Greek alphabet.

-Functions and derivatives graphing.(up to 3 functions). Tables.

-Zeros of functions, maxima and minima.

- Matrix operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, transpose, inverse).

-Solve instantly techniques of linear equations up to a measurement of 7 x 7 utilizing Cramer's rule.

-Vector operations (addition, subtraction, cross product).

-Statistical Calculations: imply, standard deviation, linear regression.

-Backup of all the consumer formulation, variables, capabilities and constants.

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