Grade 12 Physical Science Textbook Test Bank

Grade 12 Physical Science Textbook Test Bank


Grade 12 Physical Science Textbook Test Bank

Siyavula textbooks: grade 12 physical science

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1. Organic molecules

1. Introduction and key concepts

1.1. Hydrocarbons

1.2. The alcohols

1.3. Carboxylic acids, amines and carboxlyic acid derivatives

1.4. Doppler effect

2. Organic macromolecules

2. Polymers

2.1. Biological macromolecules

3. Reaction rates

3.1. Collision theory, measurement and mechanism

3.2. Chemical equilibrium

3.3. The equilibrium constant

3.4. Le chateliers principle

4. Electrochemical reactions

4. The galvanic cell

4.1. The electrolytic cell

4.2. Standard potentials

4.3. Balancing redox reactions

4.4. Applications

5. The chemical industry

5. Sasol

5.1. The chloralkali industry

5.2. The fertilizer industry

5.3. Electrochemistry and batteries

6. Motion in two dimensions

6. Vertical projectile motion

6.1. Conservation of momentum

6.2. Types of collisions

6.3. Frames of reference

7. Mechanical properties of matter

7. Deformation of materials

7.1. Failure and energy of materials

8. Work, energy and power

8.1. Energy

8.2. Power

9. Colour

9. Colour and light

9.1. Paints and pigments

10. 2d and 3d wavefronts

10. Wavefronts, huygen's principle and interference

10.1. Diffraction

10.2. Shock waves and sonic booms

11. Wave nature of matter

11. De broglie wavelength

11.1. Electron microscopes

12. Electrodynamics

12. Generators and motors

12.1. Alternating present, inductance and capacitance

13. Electronics

13. Capacitive and inductive circuits

13.1. Principles of digital electronics

13.2. Active circuit elements

14. Electromagnetic radiation

14. Wave nature and particle nature

14.1. Penetrating ability

15. Optical phenomena and properties of matter

15. Transmission and scattering of light

15.1. Photoelectric effect

15.2. Emission and absorption spectra

15.3. Lasers

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