Free Graphing Calculator 2

Free Graphing Calculator 2

By William Jockusch

Free Graphing Calculator 2Free Graphing Calculator 2Free Graphing Calculator 2Free Graphing Calculator 2Free Graphing Calculator 2

A powerful, versatile graphing calculator . . . and it's free!

Does excess of a lot of the paid calculators on the market . . . let alone the free ones.


1) Scientific Calculator. Simple to know and easy to use, however powerful options can be found whenever you need them. Available features embody the next:

• the usual arithmetic functions and exponentiation.

• sq. root, cube root, nth root, natural log, log base 10, log of arbitrary base, absolute value, factorial, permutations (nPr), mixtures (nCr), modulus, random integer, bell curve, cumulative regular distribution, decimal to fraction.

2) Graphing. Capabilities:

• Graph up to 4 equations at once.

• Graphs are labeled.

• You can drag the graph or pinch to zoom in or out.

• Calculator can discover roots and intersections.

•Graph in polar coordinates.

• Graph parametric equations

• Can graph implicit features, corresponding to x^2 y^2-4=0. Most calculator apps cannot do this!

3) A unit converter. With a tap, you'll have the ability to enter the outcome of your conversion into the calculator. Currently converts totally different units of the following: acceleration, angle, space, density, distance, energy, force, mass, energy, strain, speed, temperature, time, and quantity. Great for doing physics homework!

4) Constants for scientific calculations -- speed of sunshine, power of gravity at Earth's surface, etc. etc. etc. Tapping on a continuing will insert it into your calculation -- i.e, you don't have to key in the worth. Again, nice for doing physics homework!

5) It can make a desk of the values of a operate you enter. You can select the starting x value of the table, in addition to how a lot x increases for each successive row.

6) Help screens linked on to lots of the available functions and constants. Tap the disclosure arrow to see the definition.

7) Forgot the quadratic formula? Or the double-angle formulation for sine and cosine? The math/science reference hits the excessive factors of assorted topics. Currently consists of algebra, differential and integral calculus, geometry, trigonometry, vectors, vector calculus, and classical mechanics.

8) Statistics -- enter knowledge and make a histogram, box and whisker plot, or scatter plot with optional regression line. Also statistical distributions (under functions statistics) -- beta, Cauchy, chi, chi squared, continuous uniform, Erlang, exponential, Fisher-Snedecor, gamma, inverse gamma, Laplace, log-normal, normal, Pareto, Rayleigh, Student's T, and Weibull.

I'd love to hear your feedback or suggestions. Because of spammers, my e mail tackle is not in this description, however it is inside the app, and it is great to hear from actual users.

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