Swedish in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®

Swedish in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®

By speakASAP.com - Елена Шипилова. Иностранные языки.

Swedish in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®Swedish in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®Swedish in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®Swedish in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®Swedish in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®

Elena Shipilova presents a free Swedish language course in 7 classes, which is able to allow you to elevate your Swedish from absolute zero to the level of regular communication on fundamental topics!

The program is presented by the positioning: https://speakasap.com/se

The course is for newbies and due to this fact is constructed simply, logically, structured and concise.

The course contains only the essential grammar of the Swedish language, which is most often utilized by people for normal and fluent communication in Swedish .

Each lesson is voiced, regular clear explanations are given, which lets you hearken to our course on the highway at any time.

All exercises are built inside the framework of the lesson topic being analyzed with a helpful and working vocabulary . All answers are voiced.

Since workouts where you have to click on the right translation of a phrase or on the correct form of a verb lead to the shortcoming to suppose independently, we did the workouts in a unique way.

In our exercises, you have to translate the entire sentence yourself . You can always check the answers. You will find 80% of the phrases both within the concept of the lesson or in the previous exercises, so it's not essential to look into the dictionary for every phrase. And memorization of phrases occurs in follow, whenever you build phrases and sentences yourself.


Program options:

- the complete version of the free course Swedish for 7 lessons

- interactive exercises to test knowledge and consolidate the material

- audio supplies with explanations of classes and exercises

- video materials with explanations of lessons (required Internet connection and YouTube)

- fast hyperlink to the speakASAP website

- fast creation of a letter to the SpeakASAP® support team

- all materials (except Video- section) are on your gadget and don't require an Internet connection to make use of.


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We will be glad to receive from you any suggestions, comments and suggestions to the tackle: [email protected]


Install! Learn for fun!

For extra data, please visit the site


Course author Elena Shipilova and the SpeakASAP® staff.

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