Ocean Forests

Ocean Forests

By Bright World Adventures

Ocean ForestsOcean ForestsOcean ForestsOcean ForestsOcean Forests

The most FUN a child can have swimming with sharks, fish and different creatures under the sea! Adventure-packed Ocean Forests is stuffed with realistic underwater environments to explore, enjoyable games and STEM-based vocabulary to fulfill children’s curiosity for the superb world around them. This award-winning app has earned the praise of Common Sense Media, USA Today, Children’s Technology Review, Modern Mom and Smart Apps for Kids.

Ocean Forestsis rich with entertaining activities and distinctive benefits specifically designed for kids ages 5-8:

- Fun-filled games to challenge kids’ Reading and Science abilities (Kindergarten - 3rd grade Levels)

- State of the artwork 3D animation and practical graphics mixed with contact display screen responsive navigation convey sea creatures and their wonderful underwater world to life

- Let your kids freely explore and search for new species in an unstructured, and protected instructional and entertaining environment

- Expand the minds of younger learners past fictional stories with scientifically correct info that leaves them eager to know more

- This immersive app provides alternatives to study, play and experience ocean life while increasing language and studying skills

How does this fun-filled app benefit kids?

It’s all about the vocabulary, nonfiction vocabulary to be exact. Authentic, nonfiction studying is the most vocabulary-rich possibility for fostering the enlargement of kids's vocabularies. The breadth and depth of a child's vocabulary is immediately correlated to that child's reading comprehension. In fact, the vocabulary of a child getting into first grade predicts not only his/her studying ability on the finish of first grade, however on the finish of eleventh grade (Juel and Deffes, 2004). And, nonfiction reading comprehension can have a major impression on STEM-based testing and profession success.

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